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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Look At What We Found

Hubby was pruning trees in our yard last night.

He called me on his cell phone.
"Honey, get the camera and come quick.
You'll never guess what I found."

Do you know what kind of bird eggs these are?
Take a guess, before you look further.

I went back down today and took a picture of her on the nest.
She's hiding. Can you see her? Enlarge the picture and you will.
She's on the left.

Here's a close up.

This is the first mourning dove nest I have seen.
I researched them and it said they only have 2 white eggs.
I hope she didn't lay them too soon.
It's still awfully cold here at nights and in the early morning hours.

I'm looking forward to seeing baby mourning doves this Summer!


  1. I would have guessed a dove. We have so many here eating off the ground under the feeders. that is a great pic.

  2. Knew it was a dove's nest as my friend, Roxanne, gets them in her tree every year. She builds her nest down low so that you can see her as soon as you come out of the door. The dove never frets or squabbles either as she knows we won't disturb her. So nice that you found one too. What great pictures. Thank you for sharing. xxoo

  3. I saw the little photo icon on my bloglist and wondered what in the world you were doing, up in a tree at night! Great photo, Janet, and thank Charlie for us. I don't think I've ever seen a dove's nest, although we have many doves around our place and at our feeders.

  4. That is great, Janet. We have a lot of doves too, but I've never seen their nests. I would have been thrilled to find something like that.

  5. We have doves here too. But I've never seen their nest or eggs. You found a treasure!

  6. How very cool is that!
    I have lots of doves feeding at my feeders should I should be looking for nests perhaps. It seems like a pretty open spot for her to have chosen to nest there.
    Looking forward to baby birdie pics!

  7. Janet: Nice capture of the dove nest. I'm glad you found Mom or Dad on it.

  8. Can you imagine coming home to find your WALLS gone? Good for mommy dove for sticking it out anyway-I would think this might spook her. How cool you can watch them:)

  9. How neat! I've never seen a Mourning Dove's nest either-but I love to hear them coo. I hope you get a front seat view to the little birdies first summer.

  10. I had no real idea what kind of nest that was. There are so many types of eggs in the wild. I've never seen a Dove nest. Thanks for sharing. I learned something. I hope that Mother Dove comes back.

  11. Wow. Very Exciting. I'm glad you were able to get a picture of it.

  12. I love mourning doves! I wish there were some around my aptartment building where I live now. Great picture. Thanks!
    Deb :-)


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