My Stories

 Stories I Have Written, but are not published:
  Amazing Miss Maizy - picture book
  Miss Gracie and the Shiny Black Crows -  picture book

The Snoozing Forest - picture book

Blackberry Picking With Grandma - picture book

Dudley the Dachshund - picture book

For Pete's Sake, Where's The Mustard - picture book
Grandma's Summer Song - picture book

I Want To Spend The Day With You - Picture Book
Max Needs Glasses - picture book
Messy Matthew - picture book
Mr. Snuff Could Never Get Enough - picture book
Rising Sun - picture book

Run Betty Run - picture book
Spooky Friends Talent Show - picture book

The Lonely Little Christmas Tree - picture book
Who Opened The Barn Door? - picture book
When Can We Fly? - picture book
Grasshoppers! - picture book
Mama Says - picture book


The Family Secret - Middle Grade

Mustard Madness - chapter book
Ollie Belle Brewster - chapter book

Ruby Mae - Novella


Self published and available on Amazon:

Cooking with Family: Recipes and Remembrances- Cookbook
Duck and Cover - Middle Grade
Hum, Hum,Hummingbirds - Picture Book (paperback and hardback)
Fun Through the Seasons Recipes, Crafts and Fun Facts for Kids (Volumes 1 & 2)
Where the Stars Grant Wishes - Appalachian novel
Mama's Memories - Appalachian novel
Handy Little A to Z Book on Writing (Kindle e book)

Janet Smart