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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Thrift Store - Books, Books, Books

I love books! All kinds of books.

When I went to the Mountain Mission thrift store today while my husband was at the dentist getting work done on his root canal, I found their books on sale for 20 cents. Was I ever happy.

I came out of the store with my arms full of books.

And then on the way home when we stopped at the Sissonville Library to drop of  February copies of Two-Lane Livin', I found four books on their for sale shelf for 25 cents each!

four hardback quilting books, hardback crochet book, 
Kovel's Antiques and Collectible 2011 price guide book, etc.


Three Little Golden Books, The Dot, The Family Under the Bridge, The Homecoming, 
The Boxcar Children and The Doctor's Daughter

I just couldn't pass these books up at these prices.

Earlier this week I received this box of goodies in the mail. 
I had won a giveaway over at

box filled with pretty things!

Have you found any good deals lately?


  1. Aren't those Little Golden Books just the best? They entertain generation after generation, yet they never get old, never go out of style.

  2. I love Golden Books too. In fact, I bought our youngest grandchild who is six, The Poky Little Puppy for christmas. A new one of course. I've not seen a used one in ages.
    I LOVE books. I went to a WI thrift shop while there and got some super deals. New jeans for 6.00.
    Love thrift stores. You always find great deals Janet.
    Talk soon.
    Hope to meet at the conference this summer!!!

  3. I love it when I can find books this cheap. You really found some bargains today.
    I did go to a Goodwill store on my way home the other day with my girlfriend and I stumbled across some Sketcher house shoes with the fur inside for five dollars and I have not taken them

  4. Those are some sweet finds Janet! You won some pretty things too! I haven't been shopping lately. My favorite store won't open again until February. I just won a wonderful giveaway of Granny Sue's. It was full of beautiful things too!

    Hope it doesn't flood around your neck of the woods tomorrow with all the rain we are supposed to get! I'm already watching the radar and ready to watch the creek here!

  5. Hi Janet!
    At our house we believe you can never have too many books. We all buy books, and used are best. I've saved all the little golden books that my children had . . . besides bookshelves in every room we also have many boxes of books!
    You had a good day!

  6. Nice, Janet! Some good ones in that mix. I may go to Mountain Mission tomorrow since Larry has a doc appt in Charleston. Good finds!

    Three good finds yesterday: a vintage sweater for 25 cents that lists on eBay for about $25, a dish from 1885 for $1 and an electric meat slicer that's never been used for $20.

  7. Girl, you did good! I went to my favorite store yesterday afternoon, Loaves and Fishes, a church sponsered thrift store. I bought five books. Their hardbacks are 50 cents, paperbacks 25 cents, and children's books are 5 for $1. They have a mix of old and new books. I really wish I could have as much fun at the grocery store!

  8. You really made some great choices. Each one I saw looked like one I needed!

  9. All you ladies find some of the best bargains! I don't think we have anywhere that nice to shop from around here. I'd love to come across good books to buy. This weather would make for a perfect time to read.

  10. Looks like ya had waaaaay more fun today than the Hubs!!!

    Poor fella...those are no fun.

    God bless and have a phenomenal day sweetie!!! :o)

  11. What a great day! Any time I come upon wonderful books, I am happy. If they are a good deal, all the better. Enjoy everything!

  12. Oh, wow! There is nothing I love better than finding BOOKS, lots of books, and especially on sale for real cheap! These look wonderful! I know you are happy with them. And, I love your prize from the giveaway! How nice!

  13. Hi Janet! It looks like you made out like a bandit today! I collect old "Crochet With Heart" magazines and I recently got a great deal on a batch of 12 issues all of which I didn't have. Hooray! I love the doily you got in your gift box, very pretty. Have a nice weekend ahead. Delisa :)

  14. You did get a bargain! I love books too!

  15. Golden books are the best! My fav as a kid was the one with Grover? where he said "there is a monster on the next page!"

  16. As a book lover-I'd say you scored big time!

  17. You found some great deals. I could lose myself in a stack of craft books.
    Have a blessed week, Janet!


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