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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Writing Wednesday- Ready-Set-Submit

I have started the New Year out with a bang! I have four large envelopes ready to address and send out to publishers. I have finished a picture book that my writing group and I love and I can't wait to find a publisher who loves it just as much as we do. Wish Me Luck

I submitted another PB to Rate Your Story. This manuscript is one I wrote a few years ago and I retrieved it recently to work on it again. It has been edited a couple of times, but I feel it still needs some work done to it.

Last year I made a resolution to submit at least one manuscript or poem every month. I kept that resolution. I am making the same resolution this year. I think you can do it, too. Why not make this resolution with me.

Cold weather has finally arrived, accompanied with a little snow. I wish it had came in time for Christmas, but that is okay. About a month ago I blogged about writing a story about a snowman village and posted a recipe for a cookie I called, Snowballs.

Since the weather is cold, I thought I would post my little story about the snowman village for you to read.


Down the road beneath the tall trees and under silvery skies, stand snowmen all in a row.
They live in a village where all good snowmen go when they are tattered and soiled.
Some have missing eyes, some have missing arms, some have missing noses, and some are so plump that they have missing buttons.
At night under the snowy skies, the animals gather to repair the tattered snowmen one by one.
They bring new buttons for their eyes. They bring new branches for their arms. They bring new carrots for their noses and they bring new buttons for their plump bellies.
The next morning the new snowmen are gone, leaving only bare spots on the ground where they once stood.
Where they go no one knows. But, I heard when snowflakes fall in snowman villages all over the world, a new snowman finds a home.

Happy Writing!


  1. What a cute poem/story! Kudos on the envelopes and I hope you have a lovely 2012!

  2. Love you imagination! Good luck in this new year with your submissions!

  3. Nice Janet-you are talented-so keep on submitting : ) I'll be thinking of snowmen the rest of the day.

  4. Neat story. Good for you on meeting your submission goals!

  5. Great story, Best Wishes in the New Year..Susie

  6. I always like January because of its quiet lull after the busy holidays. It's a great time to start meeting our writing goals, best wishes on your submissions, Janet!

  7. Hi Janet, I love your little snowman story, I will have to remember that to tell my little nieces when they come to visit. They would love it! :) Congratulations on your resolutions, I think that all this work is going to really start seeing results this year and it is very inspiring. Have a lovely morning! Delisa :)

  8. Thanks for sharing the snowman story.
    I admire your tenacity for submitting. Proud of you.
    This year is going to be better for me, writing wise.
    2011 I spent too much time sick.
    This is going to be the year of WRITING. All kinds. Writing and submitting. I also spend lots of time rewriting. I'm too much of a perfectionist so trying to be less hard on myself.
    Take care and just remember to be proud of yourself too.

  9. Good luck on getting your book published, Janet.

  10. Good luck on your book, and what a cute snowman story. Do you submit your work with illustrations? This one might be good for Highlights for Children.


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