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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pictures of the Day!

It's a very nice day today. It's breezy, but it feels great.

Look what I saw when I opened my front door a little bit ago.
Baby birds aren't afraid of anything, I was able to take quite a few pictures of her.
I don't know who's more regal, the baby robin or our statue of Nippy.

Here's another one. Isn't she cute?

I promise, this is the last picture of dachshunds and baby robins.
My white irises bloomed today for the first time. I love these,
I got the start from my mother in law years ago.
I wish I had more of them.

And my peonies are droopy, but they smell so good.

And last, but not least, my snowball bush. I love snowball bushes, I just wish they stayed pretty longer. The flowers disappear too fast. My grandmother had snowball bushes in her yard and every year on her birthday her children and grandchildren came down to her house and had a picnic in her yard. We'd take group pictures in front of her snowball bushes.

Hope you enjoyed seeing a little of my world today.
Now I'm gonna go back outside and see what that baby robin is up to.


  1. Great pictures! I've been weeding and gawking at my beauties today too! We ate our first batch of squash for supper!!
    ~ Carol ~

  2. thoroughly enjoyed seeing your world!
    that little robin looks so proud of itself :)
    have a wonderful day.

  3. Janet,

    How wonderful that your little Nippy is so attractive to those wee little robins!! Who would have thought!! I love your white iris... Now they would stand out in any garden! I used to have a lot of iris at my lake house and they somehow vanished when we did work outside on the house. After seeing so many on Outdoor Wednesday I think I will plant some more~in particular, white! Your snowball bush is fabulous also!

    Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you do again!! Have a great weekend! :-D


  4. Loved the pictures of Nippy and the baby. Thanks for sharing them.
    Don't worry, your iris's will multiply then you can dig them up and transplant their babies.

  5. Janet,

    Are you sure that is a baby robin? From the pics, it looks to me like it might be a Wood Thrush. The two birds are often mistaken for each other, the Wood Thrush is slightly smaller. To me, the spots on the chest are a dead giveaway for a Wood Thrush. Of course, I'm just seeing it through the pictures.

    Very pretty whatever it is.

    Here's a link:

  6. Janet,

    Nix that last comment, the more I look at the different pics, the more I believe you have it correct, it is a juvenile American Robin.

    It sure is pretty.


  7. Everything is looking so pretty around your house! I love to walk around and see what new that blooming today too.

  8. I love the robin & the dog! It belongs on a greeting card.

  9. Hi Jan...I love those pictures!

  10. I love the white irises. These pictures are beautiful!

  11. You are a great photographer. I especially like the fist picture you've shown. You should submit some of your pictures to the Birds and Blooms magazine. I have always wanted a snowball bush and just puchased one several days ago.

  12. That's a good suggest to submit to Birds & Blooms, Janet. These are very good pictures.

    I agree about the snowball bush. Ours was about 15 feet high last year and Larry had to cut it back. This year it's full of blooms and prettier than ever.


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