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Monday, May 11, 2009

Housing Market Up in Area . . .

Bird Houses, that is!

I went to a few yard sales over the weekend and gathered up a few birdhouses for our little acre of ground. They were only 50 cents and $1 each, so I think I got them at a good price.

Aren't they pretty?
I guess you could say one of them is a bird church!

I've decided I'll use the one on the left for a real, lived in birdhouse. I think I'll plug up the openings in the other two and use for decorations around our yard.

While in the garage Saturday, I found another birdhouse. I'm not sure where it came from, whether I picked it up last fall at a yard sale or my son made it. I nagged (talked) my husband into putting it up for me down in my flower garden. There must be a bird house shortage in the neighborhood, because the birds have already set up housekeeping in it!

As you can see there is an old one on the back side of the pole. It's top is missing, tho, and is no longer used by the birds. I liked the rustic look of it and left it on the pole.

I counted while out walking in the sprinkles this morning, and we now have six birdhouses in our yard and all are occupied!

We also have numerous bird nests in our yard. Here is the latest one I just spotted on Sunday.
It is a robin's nest, of course.

They build them so quickly. Overnight, it seems like!

How many bird nests and bird houses do you have in your yard?


  1. Hi Janet, thanks for stoppy by the farmhouse for a visit today! I am so proud to have found Vera. She sounds like a real sweetheart! Unless you have seen one of those Feather Crowns, you would not believe their existance! Aren't you fascinated at them--reckon how they form? I see you are a children's book writer--I've always wanted to write one myself! I don't have the resouces and mine would never get published, but the idea is still there! I wish you much success at your endeavor. I guess I will stick to house remodeling since this one looks like it is going to take a LONG time. As far as bird houses, if you saw my post, you know we have at least 6, and I think my husband has more than that put up. He makes them all the time. Now, birdnests--I have no clue. We have an abundance of tress and birds on the property, so I know there has to be alot of them! Thanks again for stopping by my blog--PLEASE come again.

  2. Well, Jan, we have several bird houses...the bluebirds always nest in a few of them...sometimes the chickadees nest in them...I don't know of any nests other than an old one in one of our holly trees..
    we have plenty of birds because we have several know I love the birds...I wouldn't plug up those holes in the other bird houses...they will be OK for them to nest in...we also have a bat house...haven't checked lately to see if they are using it. I will say are so lucky at fnding great things at yard sales.

  3. Hey Janet, I have four bird houses but no birds, they are just sitting on a railroad tie beside the driveway, I need to hang them up so the birds can nest in them, maybe someday.

  4. Wow! Those are so cute! I can't believe the low price you paid for those. I love them. xxoo

  5. Those are cute and a great price too!
    I couldn't tell you how many, I'll have to get back to you on that.

  6. Great birdhouses.
    When I was a kid the swallows used to build their nest right over the top of our front door until the porch was enclosed. What a mess they made. My mom loved birds, but not them, until the babies hatched, then she kept a close eye on them.

  7. We have like probably seven bird houses out. Ron built a really nice Purple Martin house last year and is getting ready to put it up on a post. Some of my houses are really small, decorative types and the birds don't use them. I have counted 3 nests so far. One got blowed or rained out of the tree by the garage last week and I found it on the sidewalk. I just told Ron a few days ago that he needs to build some bluebird houses with the Boys. I have been seeing a lot of bluebirds. And I got a picture of one of those big Red-headed woodpeckers the other day.

  8. Janet-I love the birdhouses you found at the sale-and how could you beat that price!! I love to see the birds in my yard too.


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