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Saturday, May 2, 2009

My Poppies are Popping!

We woke up to these this morning!

Aren't they beautiful!

They appear so delicate. They look like they are made of crepe paper.
I never looked at them so close before, notice all the seeds.
That's how these big beauties spread so rapidly.

I got my start of these off of a neighbor a few years back.

When we bought our land around 30 years ago, it was part of an old farm that had been divided up into lots. There was nothing on our little acre. It was all flat (which is very unusual to find in WV) with no trees. It was part of a field up on top of a knoll with a barn at the far end from the road. The barn had been torn down years ago, so I'm told. That's a whole other story in itself that maybe I'll tell you about some day.

I missed the woods. So I eventually started this woodsy area down by our building.
The hostas were given to me by a neighbor years ago, now I have many. The iris's to the left will be white when they bloom, they came from my mother in law. There are many large groupings of lilies, they started from one my mother in law gave to me in a flower pot. I almost let it die before I transplanted it into the ground. Now I have them planted all over my yard.

This pine tree is the only survivor of the little seedlings my kids brought home from school one day. I think the lawn mower got the rest of them. I was excited a few years ago when it had pine cones for the first time.

This little squirrel enjoys his rest on the old log bench.

The bottom of the pine tree looks like its growing in the woods with ferns
and rocks all around it.

I love how my ferns are taking over.

Last year the top of our bird bath crumbled so we got this statue on clearance at the end of
the summer season.
He looks over my little forest and gives it His blessing.

I have lots of little critters scattered about my woods. Birds, turtles, frogs, squirrels and rabbits. Most were got at yard sales for very little.

I call it my woods, so that way I don't have to worry so much about the weeds. They look natural growing among the old stumps, rocks and flowers. Of course, I do have to pull up and keep the peppermint under control, but my ferns can spread out as much as they want. I love the ferns.

I love going down there to sit on the bench and just relax and get away from it all. Do you have a place on your land where you go to relax?


  1. Janet: What a neat look at the beautiful poppies. They are so paper thin.

  2. Hi Janet,
    I love the poppies. They are beautiful and so is your yard.
    Blessings, Annie

  3. You are so right, they look like the crete paper flowers they make in Mexico. Nice post.

    The Raggedy Girl

  4. Janet-your yard is so pretty!! I've never had any luck with Poppies they must not like my red clay. I love to walk around my yard and look at the flowers-it always makes me feel more peaceful.

  5. All of my iris's are purple. I'd love to mix some white one in there with them. Maybe I will someday.
    Yes, I have a spot I hang my hammock swing and read or take a nap.

  6. Janet, your yard looks really pretty. I want to get some poppies started. My husband loves them. His cousin saved some seed and sent them home with him. I love your ferns, are they the ones you see in the woods? I used to have those at the house in Sissonville. It is nice that you have plants that Velma gave you starts of. It looks like you have a green thumb.

  7. Oh Janet, how lovely is your garden! I enjoyed the trip you took us on through it. Your own little oasis in the big wide open. Calm, serene and pretty. I'd spend hours there if I could. Living in the 'big harsh' city, there are some places that look like your garden, but you wouldn't want to go there by yourself. I'm just saying. Thanks for letting me look at yours though. xxoo


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