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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Writing Wednesday

Writing Wednesday is here again. I really enjoyed last week's comments about What a Writer Needs.

I agree with all of you. I couldn't find it when I looked back at the post, so maybe this comment was emailed to me, but she said a writer needs to write! How true that is, many people say they want to write or they are going to write some day, but they never get around to writing - they keep putting it off.

That advice goes with submissions, also. I used to bring my rejection slips to our writing group's meetings.  I was getting praised on my rejection slips. They said, "Well, at least you are submitting."

You never know if your work has a chance unless you submit your manuscripts. You may get rejection letters or never hear from the publisher, but at least you gave your work a chance by submitting. Later on down the road you won't have to say, "Oh, if only I had submitted my stories."

Unlike most of last year, I have been submitting this year. I am giving my stories a fighting chance.

West Virginia Writers are having their annual writer's conference on June 10, 11 and 12 at Cedar Lakes, WV.
I am so lucky - Cedar Lakes is only a few miles down the road from my house. I just sent in my registration form on Saturday. You can go here and check out the schedule, the workshop presenters, and all the details.
Cedar Lakes is a beautiful place to have a conference. It even has a covered bridge!

It is a very popular place in our area for church picnics, family reunions and get togethers of all kinds.

I've been visiting there ever since I was young. 

 Summer of 1972

There is still time to register if anyone is interested in going.

Happy Writing and don't forget to submit your manuscripts!


  1. Janet,
    What a cute picture!! And I love your lamp. I mean the price was REALLY right.
    Nancy Jo

  2. Great advice Janet. And often when the rejections come back, there can be some comment, or observation about the work that can help us polish it for the next submission. We learn from the whole process. I'm querying a fiction manuscript right now, so it's out there in the world with a fighting chance!

  3. Janet, how do I get names to go under my blog list. Pretty sure I must be stupid.
    Nancy Jo

  4. Hi Janet, I hope you are having a great day. Your post is very encouraging. The writer's conference sounds like a lot of fun, it must be very motivating to be around so many other writers! I hope you have a wonderful time and tell us all about it when you get back. Delisa :)

  5. I'm running so behind. I've been trying to get over here since Wednesday. We still have a ZOO at my house. Sigh. You'll have a great time at the conference. I love the photos. This comment sounds as scattered as I really am right now. Oh, and good for you for submitting. It proves you're a real writer.


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