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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Writing Wednesday - What a Writer Needs

What does a writer need?

Of course a writer needs pencils (with erasers), lots of tablets for jotting down all those great ideas, a large supply of printer paper (I've learned to save by printing on both sides of the paper) and a good printer (I love my Laser Jet printer)

A writer needs to be able to write while their better half and children keep interrupting them.

A writer needs patience. A lot of patience!

A writer needs to have funny, interesting, and/or talkative friends and neighbors to get great story ideas!

A writer needs a vivid imagination to write a long manuscript from a small idea that came to them while waiting in line at the grocery store.

A writer needs to be able to write in less than 500 words a wonderful picture book that the publishers will love.

A writer needs to keep from rolling their eyes when friends tell them anyone can write a children's book.

An agent would be nice - and so would a publisher.

A writer needs books - how to books, writing books, a dictionary, a thesaurus and lots of books in your genre (and others) to read - and a best selling book!

Since a writer needs lots of books, a large bookcase would also be nice.

A writer needs to have a tough skin so rejections won't hurt them.

And most of all, a writer needs to have a passion for writing.
A passion to tell stories.
A passion to make people laugh. 
A passion to write a story that lights up a child's eyes and brings a smile to their face.
A passion to write a story so good that the reader wants to keep turning the pages until the story is finished.

What would you like to add to my list?

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  1. A writer needs a reader (someone besides himself/herself). Too often I feel that I am the only one who is reading my work -- and it hurts, especially when I felt like my topic was so clever and creative. I don't know how many times I have had to console myself with the thought, "well, at least it made me laugh."

  2. A writer needs ablog so he or she can connect with others. Thanks for your blog, Janet. I enjoy it.

  3. Writers need other writers. Who else can understand us? I wanted to say how much I love the new photo you posted at the top of your blog, Janet. I went to one of those schools! Warm memories.

  4. I posted something similar to this today, about the tools we need. I said that I need a camera, because looking through the lens, to me, is a way of looking at life and developing the vision I bring to the page.

  5. You gave a great list-- I think the thick skin rates high on my list.

  6. Love this your post, Janet!

  7. Yes a writer needs a reader for sure. I go through more paper than the law allows. This is a good list I'll surely keep it in mind. Thanks Susie

  8. How 'bout an imagination that won't quit with a side of just a little hyperactivity!!! Heeehehe!

    God bless ya sweetie and have a splendid spring day!!! :o)

  9. These are all great suggestions. I especially like "a passion to write a story so good that the reader wants to keep turning the pages until the story is finished." I guess a good computer can be the dictionary, thesaurus, and spell check?

  10. I thought I would pop back over and thank you for the comments you left on my blog. It's so good to know that we can still be able to carry on the traditions. I also wanted to tell you in the last post that I love that school at the top of your blog. Susie

  11. What a good question Janet! I think if I had to add to your list, I would say a writer needs a good healthy sense of "self". Writer's must always experiment and search so that they can find their own unique voice. When you combine a good story with a honest voice the results are magical. Delisa :)

  12. A writer needs to write. 8-) Too many people 'talk' about writing and don't spend nearly as much time actually writing. A writer writes. It's as simple and complicated as that!

  13. Thanks everyone! You've all added some great comments about what a writer needs.

  14. Great list, Janet! All I would add is a cat to sit in my lap~all that purring is nice encouragement:)

  15. Janet,
    Must be nice to have all those words and ideas floating around in your head. Who knows whats in mine.
    What is that a picture of in your header?
    Been raining here for two days and going to be a rainy week coming up. I guess a good part of the states is in the same weather pattern. Well guess I won;t have to water any of my flowers for awhile.
    Nancy Jo

  16. Thanks everyone for all your comments and for adding to my list. Everyone seems to be wondering about my header, it wasn't a school, it used to be a church. (at least I'm pretty sure it was)

  17. I think you pretty much have it covered-a great list : )


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