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Sunday, May 15, 2011

What's Blooming at your House?

We have a rainbow of blooms at our house, their colors bursting forth in the spring air.

Each iris is just as pretty as the other. 
The only one I ever bought was this one and it was supposed to be yellow. 
Imagine my surprise when it turned out to be this color. 
I didn't like it at first, but I have grown to love it's unusual shade.

A couple of years ago, I pulled up a few of them and traded them for these to a lady 
that came to one of my yard sales. 
A small yellow iris tinged with brown.
This is the first year they have bloomed.

This solid yellow iris was given to me last year. Isn't he beautiful?
Thank you, Gloria!

I have many, many purple irises.

And a beautiful white patch started by one given to me by my mother in law.

I also have many poppies that were started by ones given to me by a neighbor.

A snowball bush!
I grow my snowball bush for sentimental reasons.
My grandmother had two of them in her yard and they were always a backdrop for family pictures.

Bleeding hearts always show off at this time of year.

And, I am being taken over by hostas. I transplanted three from my flower garden.
I separated them and three became eight! They multiply faster than bunnies!
A fern surprised me by sprouting up in the middle of this one.

This little critter didn't seem to be interested in any of my flowers, he just wanted to check  out the garage!
When he gets a little bigger, I don't think he will be as cute as he is now, so we took him and dropped him off down by the creek. I believe he is a baby snapping turtle.

What's blooming at your house?
Have you had any unexpected visitors lately?

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  1. I believe the "surprise" iris is an old variety, though I can't say for sure. They're all pretty. And yes, that was a baby snapper!

  2. I'm also an iris lover and have several different colors. I need to divide mine to keep them blooming well and wish I could share with you. They cost so much to buy so I hate to just throw the m out. As for critters -- well I stepped right over a long skinny snake yesterday and have holes in my flower beds made by an armadillo; they're real pests!

  3. Nice garden! I have lovely weeds! Too much rain and nothing being able to get into the ground! Too cold here, like winter! Ah...Spring.....Anne

  4. I love iris'. That first one is very different. I would love to have alot of purple and yellow, what we do have is lots of white, lots and lots of white. Pretty pics.

  5. What beautiful flowers going on over here, I love the colors. I put my tomato plant seedlings in the ground this weekend. Now we're expecting a week of rain, I hope they survive the deluge :/

  6. Your flowers are lovely! I have some iris's blooming. I am just getting them started. A clematis, purple pansies and pink perenial geraniums are blooming by the mailbox. I have a huge hydrangea blooming by the back deck that was supposed to be a snowball bush but works well to screen out the neighbors. There is a blue catnip and pink rose in the backyard. The dark pink rhododendron and white spirea are in full bloom in front of the house. The lilac was beautiful this year and its scent welcomed me home for several weeks. Lots of purple allium in the back that seeded themselves. We have the usual critters, rabbits everywhere, squirrels and chipmunks. I loved the baby turtle, we had to return a large one to the creek several years ago.

  7. My Iris are blooming too-and I had some surprise colors-I can't even remember planting new ones last year : )

  8. Your photos are beautiful! It's unseasonably cold here in the Pacific Northwest and not many plants are brave enough to risk sticking their heads above the ground. LOL

  9. Love your flowers. I have a lot of the blue and yellow iris. But the other one, I don't think I've seen one like it. I have heard that sometimes when an iris is transplanted it will change colors.

  10. I love beautiful flowers and I especially love it when they come with their own story, as you posted. I have a similar post for tomorrow. Please drop by to see my Garden and say Hello.

    I'm gonna FOLLOW, so I'll be back again soon.

  11. You have some very beautiful flowers Janet! You are right that first one is an odd color. I have no idea what color that would be either! I'd have to get out a crayon box to see which one it would match! hehehe

    That baby turtle is just adorable! I don't think I've ever seen a baby one before.

    Have a Great Day!

    ps Have you been able to plant your garden yet with all the rain we've been having? We finally got the plants in the ground but not the seeds.... More rain tomorrow!

  12. Your iris' are beautiful!
    Most of my flowers didn't bloom this year. Daffodils and iris'. Only a few.
    That turtle is cute. His head looks too big for his shell. LOL


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