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Monday, March 21, 2011

Ten Signs of Spring

There was an article in our Sunday paper yesterday, titled 10 Signs of Spring.

It inspired this post

Here are my 10 Signs of Springs, in no particular order:

1. Yard Sales! We had yard sales listed in our local paper this past week, the first ones of the season. This is a sure sign of spring in our area!

2. Red cardinals flitting from branch to branch in the blooming forsythia bush. They were a beautiful sight to see, their feathers red against the yellow twigs.

3. Birds tidying up their living quarters, their beaks busy taking out the old and bringing in their new straw beds.

4. The smell of wild onions, as eager-beaver neighbors mow their grass for the first time.

5. Daffodils, crocus, dandelions,  violets and red bud trees dressed up in their colorful spring outfits, the hillsides boasting with their spring colors.

6. Sitting out on the front porch and being entertained by peepers as they sing their songs.

 7. Molly Moochers sprouting from the forest floor, their heads peeping from beneath the dead ground cover. Click here and here, if you are wondering what molly moochers are and read earlier posts I did about them. 

 8. Being able to take walks outside again, and hopefully, getting rid of a few pounds accumulated during the cold winter months.

 9. Apple and pear blossoms unfolding on the trees, their aroma sweet in the drifting air.

10. Last, buy not least, my oldest son turning another year older. He bounced into this world on a blustery first day of Spring 31 years ago. If you want, go here and read a little about him.

These are a few of the things I am looking forward to, how about you?

 Would you like to add a few signs of spring to my list?


  1. Yay, some of these signs have showed up here, too. The crocuses are finally blooming, and the other night when I went out to look at the Super Moon, I heard the peepers! I'll add another sign to your list that I saw yesterday ... A robin :)

    But as I type this, it's snowing again :/

  2. This made me feel springy! Thank you!

  3. Here where I live, as soon a spring peaks around the corner, many of the fields are covered in either blue or red wildflowers. It makes for some very pretty drives. I also know it's spring when I am able to throw open the windows in the morning and let the sweet fresh air flow through the house! Have a nice monday. Delisa :)

  4. I've seen cardinals for a week or two, and a beautiful one just this morning on the back fence.

  5. Oh, yes, to your signs of spring! Crocuses and daffodils are popping up here, too. And the ice cream man has been coming through my neighborhood since Friday. That's a definite sign of spring where I live.

  6. Janet,

    -- male robins facing off for territory
    -- redbuds
    -- native dogwoods
    -- mud
    -- carolina wrens
    -- redtailed hawks
    -- dandelion salad greens
    -- peepers
    -- warm temps
    -- thunderstorms
    -- green

    I liked your list! -- barbara

  7. Yes all of the above and throwing open the windows and hanging out the laundry on a beautiful windy day..

  8. You're right about the yard sales. I think it's a bit early for miorels just yet, at least here in "Stone County."

  9. The sings of Spring are all around Janet! Flowers are coming up everywhere, wild onions, the thunderstorms and rain, warmer weather, driving with the windows down, windows open at the house, dogs shedding their Winter coats, aw and the sweet smell of Spring is in the air!

    Hope you didn't get hit bad with all of the thunderstorms rolling through this evening!

    Have a Great Week!

  10. Hi Janet,
    I will take any of those signs. Still waitng here in the North! Another few weeks I think and we will be getting there. Calling for snow tonight and tomorrow, I hope thats the last of it. You can only make so many snow men.
    Nancy Jo

  11. I've been seeing some of the same signs here :)


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