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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ten Things I Bet You Don't Know About Me

I thought this might be a fun post to get to know one another a little better.

I am listing ten things that I bet you didn't know about me.

You don't have to, but if you want, tell us something about you in your comment.

1. I am afraid of flying and have never flown in an airplane.

2.I have green eyes, just like my mother.

3. My middle name (Frances) is just like my mom and my grandmother's (and also a few cousins).

4. My Grandpa McMillion's ancestors were Scotch-Irish and were already living here in the mountains in the 1700s.

5. I won a coloring contest in the newspaper when I was in the 5th grade. I won a Little Miss Sunbeam Doll. I wish I still had her, she was beautiful and looked just like Little Miss Sunbeam.

6. I have lots of collections - rolling pins, vintage kitchen utensils, old dishes, Indian arrowheads, vintage aprons, cookie jars, milk glass, old table cloths, salt and pepper shakers, books, US postage stamps, vintage hats and Fenton. (If I thought a little longer I am sure my list would be longer. I think I need a bigger house).

7. I can't swim! I wish I could, but I'm scared of water.

8. I looked like the Campbell  Soup Girl when I was little and have pictures to prove it! I think my mom missed out when she didn't take me to Hollywood to be in Campbell's Soup commercials.

9. I've been on a Navy Guided Missile Destroyer.

10. When I was young, I wanted to be an archeologist. I guess that is one reason one of my favorite subjects in school was History.

Now, it's your turn. If you want, tell us something about you.


  1. 1. Though I grew up in Winston-Salem, NC (where almost everyone smokes or has tried it), I have never smoked.

    2. I wanted to go to school so badly that my Mama begged them to let me start before I officialy reached the enrollment age.

    3. I was at a Moon launch (Apollo 17 in December 1972). My teenage dream was to be an astronaut.

    4. I am a college professor who teaches physics, but just for fun, I picked up an Associate's Degree in Paralegal Studies (but I never used it).

    5. I am published as a freelance reporter and photographer (but nothing to do with physics).

    6. I love a good play on words -- example -- the fatter you are, the more attractive you are (because the Earth attracts you more).

    7. I have taken flight lessons and flown solo on a number of occasions.

    8. All of my pets have had real people names like Gregory, Clyde, Connie, Rosie, Elizabeth, Greta, Bessie, Thelma and Louise. No Fluffy and Spot for me!

    9. I know how to jump start a car.

    10. At age 58 (this was during the past month), I had to recover from the worse (maybe the only) sports injury of my life.

  2. I would've love to seen that Sunbeam Doll because I have a small doll collection in a curio cabinet. The dolls in it are special in that they have a family connection, or were bought in places that meant a lot to me. My grandmother used to make rag dolls and sell them for a few dollars on the countertop of a small diner she ran with my grandfather back in the 70s. I have one of those dolls, which inspired the collection.

  3. Hi Janet,
    Nice list tells a lot about a person.
    I collect most of the things that you do. I have flown many times but hate it and I don't think I will be flying again. I mean how does that thing stay up there? The farm I grew up on was at one time the home to Indians. Whenever we plowed the fields we would find all kinds of stuff. My Grandpa gave it all to a museum, pipes, skinners, arrowheads etc.
    You should show us your baby picture, bet its cute.
    Nancy Jo

  4. Janet, I can't swim either, My real name is Doris but have been called Susie my whole life except in school.I am a collector also. Ducks, owls, porcelen dolls and since I quilt, I have several of them. I love to read and always wanted to write poetry, but never started writing until later in my life.I'm very proud of my first collection of poetry that was published last April. I could go on about that but I'll stop where I'm at. Susie

  5. Janet -- What an interesting exercise. I do feel I know you a bit better. Two things we have in common are not flying and old things. We all lead interesting lives. All different with all types of diversity. -- barbara

  6. Hi Janet!

    I have hazel eyes! Most of the time they are green though. It depends on what I'm wearing. Not sure what color they are today. It freaked my niece out when she was 5. She told me I was a witch because I had green eyes and that all witches had green eyes. I told her that they would be brown the next day. They were brown and it freaked her out! lol I am a witch afterall! hehehe

    I collect West Virginia Glass with the roses on it. My then boyfriend now husband bought my first pieces while we were dating. We've added to it for 19 years.

    I love to cook but I hate to clean up!

    Have a great day!

  7. Hi, Janet (-: It was getting to know a little more about you! My ten:
    1- in high school, while on a stage in front of 400 high-schoolers...I got sick & threw-up on the microphone I was holding! I'm still reminded of that by old high school friends.
    2- I HATE to fly.
    3- I have the worst case of arachnophobia on the of course I was bitten by a black widow in 2009!
    4- As a girl I used to ask for a big jar of green olives to be put in my Christmas stocking. What?!
    5- I still read the Frog and Toad books for fun.
    6- I wrote my first childrens book while ill and bedridden. Five years later it was published by a major Christian Publishing house.
    7- I love to fish.
    8- I am related to author William Cullin Bryant.
    9- I'm a volunteer Registered Nurse for the Red Cross Disaster team (locally).
    10- I love writing in rhyme!
    11- I break the "rules" sometimes--like I'm doing right now by adding number 11 (-: I LOVE coffee.

  8. This is fun getting to know everyone.
    Phyliss, you are pretty well rounded. I think it's neat about your pet's names.
    Joanne, I used to make rag dolls, too!
    Nancy Jo, sounds like your grandmother had a really nice collection.
    Susie, or should I say Doris, nice to meet another collector
    Barbara, how true. We are all different but still have things in common
    Angela, I didn't know witches had green eyes! My youngest son has hazel eyes.

  9. Sheryl, so good to hear from you again. Very interesting facts,I see we have a few things in common. But, thank goodness I have never thrown up in front of 400 classmates before and I hate green olives.

  10. Thanks so much for telling us a little more about you! As for me: my favorite cake is red velvet, and I'm a total movie snob.

    Becca @ The Bookshelf Muse

  11. That was fun to learn more about you!
    My middle name is after my Dad's first name and my daughter has my middle name and now her daughter has the same middle name too!

  12. What a nice idea for a post Janet! It is really making me think. Let's see, 1. I once sang in a night club act when I was five years old. I would come out in a little silver mini dress with a white jacket and white go go boots and sing "What's New Pussy Cat". (The band members were friends of my Dads.) 2. I still know all the words.
    3. In my 20's I worked as an electrician in an airplane factory connecting wire harnesses to the instrumentation in the cockpit. 4. I lived in Switzerland for a year. 5.I married the first boy I ever dated. 6. We are going to celebrate our 22nd anniversary. 7. My mother was born on a Cherokee Indian reservation. 8. My father was a stunt pilot and was in several movies. 9. I love tea parties, If I had a calling card it would read: "Have teacup. Will travel." :).10. I love movie musicals and slap stick comedy. I hope everyone has a lovely day! Delisa ;)

  13. Becca, I agree with you red velvet is delicious!
    Deb, sounds like you middle name is a popular family name, too
    Delisa, you have really led an interesting life. I think Charley was my third boyfriend, we dated for 7 yrs and then married

  14. How neat to learn more about you. Hmmm something you don't know about me-I'm a full time student : )

  15. Well,Tipper, I didn't know that about you. Is this just recently that you became a full time student?

  16. Something about me?
    I love lemons...
    lemon cake,
    lemon cookies,
    lemon pie,

  17. Hello, Everyone - I am just getting acquainted with blogging and am looking forward to this connection. I am a recent transplant (May 2010) from Vermont to Florida. I write mostly poetry and reflections (my first book "Gossamer Threads to Catch the Soul" is now available on Ten things about me:
    1. my blue eyes are from my Italian father
    2. I have MS and am a wheelchair user
    3. I have recently discovered that I like Cosmopolitans!
    4. I love to sew and quilt and make rag dolls and stuffed animals
    5. I do not know how to swim but I can float
    6. I recently connected with a cousin I had not seen for more than 30 years
    7. I love classical church music
    8. My favorite poets are Dylan Thomas, WB Yeats, TS Eliot, and Gerard Manley Hopkins.
    9. I love my 8 great neices and great nephews
    10. My husband and I have had lots of pets - currently a long haired chihuahua.
    I hope to continue this blogging connection!

  18. Hi Judy! I am glad you stopped by and left a comment. I went to your site, I love the poem about your grandfather.


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