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Friday, May 21, 2010

Bird Housekeeping 101

I think the birds have been around me too much this spring and I am rubbing off on them.

They are terrible housekeepers!

But, they are also wonderful mothers, and when it gets down to it, that is what counts!

Their houses may be messy, but the mothers are always close by watching over the youngins! The mother of these baby robins flits around in the pine tree nearby whenever anyone gets close to her babies. She doesn't bother you or swoop down on your like some of the other mother birds, but she just makes sure you know she is around!

And as a side note. . . I keep looking where I walk in our yard. My eyes are always on the look out for these little blue people called the Smurfs! With so many little mushrooms popping up, there's sure to be a few of them around. Don't your think? If so, I have my camera ready!


  1. There is a form of gratification to know that a bird house you actually made for them is being used.

  2. What a great thought! I noticed a birdhouse by our garden and it is definitely a messing one. I don't know "what" is hanging out the box. LOL They are truly good mommies though... and that is what matters!

  3. Love that perspective, Janet--they certainly are messy. Charley Marmalade is keeping them away from my porch this year, thank goodness. They usually nest in my baskets, plants and once even in a straw hat I left out there!

    BeI hope your readers stop by my blog and enter my giveaway--it's a good one! I think all of us could use $125 to shop some of the best products, don't you?

  4. My mother was a terrible housekeeper - she never learned how to clean and never wanted to so she didn't. But she was a wonderful mother! :) Just my two cents worth! blessings, marlene

  5. Well, we don't mind the bird's houskeeping habits....that isn't the important thing anyway. Like you said, mothering is the important thing. I know I'm not a good housekeeper. Seems like I have to be in the mood to do any major cleaning around the house. Some may call that laziness....I don't care....that is just me. I do what I think is necessary.

  6. I have one messy bird mother on my front porch right now. She was fine until recently. She is leaving her business all over out there! The babies are starting to peek out the hole she made them. It won't be long and we'll get it all cleaned up. I will say she is a very good mother though.

    I too noticed I have mushrooms growing in my yard. I forgot to grab my camera to take pictures of them! I'm sure there are smurfs out there somewhere!

  7. That's a great picture! How cute!

  8. Kinda reminds me of my house : ) Love the photos!

  9. I agree. Kids don't remember how clean the house was when they grow up but they do remember all the good times and good memories mothers create for them. That is so cute about the smurfs. I always kinda believed in fairies so maybe there are some smurfs running around, too.


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