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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Rainbow of Colors"

Iris comes with a lot of history. The flower dates back to Greek mythology. The Greek goddess Iris was the messenger of the gods who was believed to be the link between heaven and earth.

Iris is Greek for "rainbow."

Iris stands for faith. . .

hope. . .

wisdom. . .

courage. . .

and admiration. . .

I love irises and I am glad they are a strong, sturdy flower. Otherwise, they might not have stood up against the wind and hail storm we had Friday night.



  1. Those are some chunks of ice! We've had a lot of hail this spring, too. The biggest we had was golf ball sized.

    Those irises are gorgeous! I only have the purple ones.

  2. I love the Irises too. We had a terrible hail storm 2 weeks ago and I lost almost my whole garden. Things are just starting to come back..

  3. Those are good sized hail stones! Love the iris's, so pretty:)

  4. Wow Janet! I haven't see that size hail at my house before! I'm glad your Iris's made it through that beating!

    Have a Great Day!

  5. Glad the hail storm missed us.

    I like the history on the Iris...I didn't know that. Mine are all blooming too.

  6. Iris's are so beautiful. I remember admiring them as a child in my grandmother's garden. I had not heard the history.

  7. Janet,
    My goodness, you don't need an icemaker with ice coming down like that!
    I posted a picture of my rag rugs and a bit of how to info. Seems there were a few that were interested.
    Nancy Jo

  8. I have blue and purple irises, but I love the yellow one you have posted. Nice information.

  9. Pretty iris! And Yikes at the hail!

  10. Love iris also...have the purple ones and they are almost ready to bloom. Their smell is wonderful. I think that I'll be able to divide them up this fall.
    Glad the hail didn't hurt them too.
    Deb :)


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