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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We're In The Top 5!

I signed up for a weekly newsletter from Reader's Digest.
They always send very good articles my way.
The latest one was about the deadliest roads in America. And, to be fair it also listed the best roads in America.

Well, guess which list West Virginia ranked highest on. . . you are right! It wasn't the best roads list.

However, I was surprised to see that the WV Turnpike wasn't on the worst 7 roads in the nation.

I absolutely hate driving the WV Turnpike! Well, I don't drive it, my husband does. So maybe I should say, "I hate being a passenger in a car on the WV Turnpike." We just drove down it last week and I posted on my writing site about that trip. It was the worst drive I had ever taken on it. The drivers were so reckless, it is no wonder there are so many accidents on that road.

There used to be a tunnel on the turnpike. It was named the Memorial Tunnel and it was kind of neat driving through it. My mother went on vacation with us sometimes and she hated going through that tunnel. They closed the tunnel down in 1987 and carved a road through the mountain beside of it. The bypass cost 35 million dollars, took 3 years to complete, 10 million cubic yards of earth were moved and in the process 300,000 tons of coal were taken from the mountain.

Here is how we did on the Readers Digest lists:

Most Dangerous: Montana, LA, SC, WV, Arkansas
Best: Kansas, Wisconsin, Montana, NM, Utah. . . #43 WV

You can go here to read the article and see how your state ranked in the listings.

How did your state do?

You can go here and read about the West Virginia Turnpike: "88 Miles of Miracle."

Now, if they did a list of the most beautiful highways to travel in the US, I think we would rank in the top 5 there, too!


  1. I'm with you- I hate the turnpike! Something about it makes people drive like idiots!

  2. You're right Janet, the Turnpike is horrible. I can't believe the State has the audacity to charge two tolls for it just between Charleston & Beckley. They ought to pay the motorists for travelling the road. The Turnpike is the reason we don't go to Beckley as much, and while it is quicker to travel this way to visit Shirley's relatives in Wyoming County, we prefer going down through Boone County to get there so we can avoid the turnpike. When a person prefers the two-lane winding, pot-holed roads of Boone County over the 4-lane turnpike, you know it's got to be pretty bad!

    You're right, if they had a list for the prettiest drives, I'd say WV would be tops on that one. I'd nominate Route 33 between Elkins & the Virginia line. Of course, I could be partial since I'm from that area.


  3. Wow, hope I don't have to drive there?? I know WV is beautiful.. Have a glorious day,

  4. Sounds like an interesting article. I see my area didn't make either list : )

  5. Kansas (where I live) does have very good roads. I've always said that even without the signs you'd know as soon as you passed the state line, the roads get rough.

  6. I live in Alabama and wasn't the least bit surprised to see we made number 1 for speeding. I can't tell you how many deadly accidents I've seen within miles of where I live. I am reminded every time I pass a makeshift cross on the side of the road. My husband was from eastern Kentucky and those winding roads used to make me dizzy. But I loved Kentucky and West Virginia, too. Down home, friendly people.

  7. I have traveled on the WV turnpike and it is awful. Thanks for the link. I am going to see how KY faired in the ratings.

  8. I agree about the Turnpike..Just came thru there today and it was terrible..I am always nervous the whole way..


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