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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Travel Souvenirs

When my husband was in the Navy, he bought souvenirs in most of the places he traveled. They were in his parent's house until recently. We brought them to our home this week.

He was stationed in Puerto Rico, and he sailed on the USS Leahy DLG16. When they weren't steaming out in the ocean, the Leahy was docked at Norfolk, VA.

Here is a souvenir pillow from Puerto Rico. Isn't it beautiful? It goes perfectly with our chair.

He bought beer steins made in West Germany. He believes he bought these in Greece. The one on the left winds up and plays music.

While he was in Greece, he also bought handmade Greek vases. The ones on the left are made of spun copper.

My favorite items he bought were alabaster items handmade in Italy. Here are candlestick holders and a small birdbath with tiny doves around the edge of it. He bought these when they stopped at Naples, Italy.

My very favorite alabaster items he bought were two lamps. Here is a picture of one lit up. See how the pattern of the alabaster shows when the light is turned on. I just love the lamps!

They docked at the piers of Barcelona, Spain, and like all the other sailors, he felt compelled to go to a bull fight. Now, before anyone says anything about the cruelty of bull fights, I totally agree. I feel sorry for the bulls, too. Here is a large tapestry he brought back from Barcelona. It is huge and covers the entire length of the couch.

I think these are what they called banderillas.

I will never get to go to these places, so I'm glad he brought back souvenirs of his travels home with him. Now, I just have to figure out where I'm going to put them all.

Our little house in the hills of West Virginia is getting a little crowded.


  1. Oh I love all of his treasures!! He has a nice eye for buying things too : )

  2. R was in the Navy too. He brought home various things. We've given the daughters mementos and we've kept a few items. He still regales me with stories about the good times he had. Midway Island. Hawaii. Hong Kong for R & R. Guam. Places I'll never go either. Sad. I'd never thought about it. But I'm glad he went and has the memories and the souvenirs.

  3. I love seeing people's treasures! Yours are so wonderful and unique. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow, these are treasures of a lifetime! I have one of those Greek urns, too, and a couple of beer steins. Thank you for sharing your souvenirs.

  5. Wow, Jan, those are really nice.

  6. Really nice items..I remember seeing the tapestry before but not the other things..

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  8. i love the tresures especially the pillow..nice pics..

  9. Beautiful treasures Janet!
    Love those vases.

  10. You have quite a nice collection of treasures. How wonderful that you have those!


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