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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Chores

The weather is beautiful today! But, along with the nice weather comes the chores.

Charley pruned the grape vines.

I dealt with the berry vines. What a mess!

Plants are are popping their heads through the dirt!

If you look close, you can see the first white shoots of Hosta emerging through the earth. They aren't very colorful yet.

The red leaves of my Bleeding Hearts are pushing up.

My spreading Poppies!

I transplanted this flower today. I'm not sure what it is, though. Do you know? It grows from very large round bulbs.

I almost complained about the heat. I got hot working outside! But, I didn't.

I just wish the flowers would wait a little while before pushing up through the earth, because I'm sure we'll have many more frosts before the hot weather. I hate it when my flowers get bit by the cold.

How about you, are your plants popping through the dirt, yet?


  1. your mystery plant looks like the fairy lilies, magic lilies or aked ladies lily, take you pick on the name. Mine are up about that high and look just like the plants in your photo.

    I've got tons of outside work to do too. Maybe this evening I can make a start. Although like you, I think more cold is ahead before warm weather settles in.

  2. This reminds me that I need to get outside and work! We have a tiny yard and I still don't keep up with it very well! I don't have anything coming up because there's not much there to begin with LoL Have a great evening!

  3. You might be right, Susanne. Charley thought that's what they were, but I didn't think they came up till the middle of summer. We got them from his mom and step dad's place and he said naked ladies used to be there.

  4. Hey Janet!

    It sure has been a lovely day to be outside! My kids are out playing right now! So far I've only noticed the daffidols in my yard and they are in bloom!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  5. I too, only have daffodils blooming. But, we have more sunshine today! So glad to see it. And you are right, the spring chores are starting.

  6. Janet,
    Love your blog with the photos of you guys working outside. We've done some out but not much. I took a walk and it's beautiful to be outside and not have snow.
    Did you know Becky Conrad. I'm saddened by her death. I'd been an email friend only but I liked her and am still shocked she's gone.
    Have a lovely evening. Blessings.

  7. What a gorgeous day to work outside... and I love all the "hints" of spring around your home. I hope to do some of this on Saturday!

  8. The leaves come up first in early Spring, Janet, then they die completely off. Later, sometime in July usually, the flowers come up on straight stalks with no leaves.

  9. Yes, Janet, we call them magic lilies. I have lots of them and they are up like that also. Isn't it nice to have Charley to help you with the yard work now? I'm sure he is enjoying it also.

  10. Wow your flowers are way ahead of mine! I'm with you I always worry about them all getting bit-and it seems they usally do.

  11. You are ahead of us! We still have lots of outside work to do. Things are just now starting to pop out, so we'll be at it pretty soon!

  12. Janet, yes, the magic lilies or naked ladies do come up in the summer, though the foliage comes up with the tulips and other spring flowers. The foliage will fall over and die... don't cut it back or mow it off. There will be a bare spot there until the magic lilies jump up in mid summer.

    Enjoy the beauty of God's new creation of spring.


  13. We call them surprise lilies. I like the name fairy lilies, I've never heard that before. The leaves come up in spring & the flowers come in summer.


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