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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Snowy Feathered Friends

I just had to post a few pictures of our feathered friends.

We got a new camera for Christmas and we have been trying to figure it out.

"I need a hat and scarf!"

"Make room, here I come!"


"I'm so cute!"

"Help! Where's my perch?"

"Let's go! I'm out of here."

"Topsy Tervy Woodpecker"


"Breakfast at the local Feed and Seed."

I love watching our birds! I don't know where the Blue Jays are, I haven't seen any yet. I don't know where the pigeons are coming from. We're in the country, we're not supposed to have pigeons! I guess someone forgot to tell them this is not the city.

The price of bird feed has gotten so high that I was wondering if we could afford to feed them this winter. The cheapest bird seed we found in Ripley was at the local Tractor Supply Co. Before Christmas it was only 9.99 for a 50 lb bag. We bought two bags! I wish we had purchased more.

Do you feed the birds in the winter?


  1. I feed the birds and it's one of my little winter joys. I can't seem to get a good photo though...yours are great and I really enjoyed looking at them.

    Have a great day.

  2. I love to watch the birds. These pictures are awesome!

  3. We love watching the birds, too! I love the pictures of the cardinals, they are such sweet birds. We have plenty of blue jays around here if you want to come get them, LOL! Our kittens have been wanting to catch one~I don't think the birds are in much danger from them!

  4. Janet, what beautiful pictures ! We have only seen 2 bluejays which is not many compared to last year's ten. I love the bright red male cardinals and their mates of a lighter color ( tan I guess ) but have that pretty bright beak.
    How do you get such great pic's?
    We also have a charcoal color small bird I love and red headed huge rare one and two smaller ones.
    Thanks for a great post.

  5. Oh your photos are amazing-must be a nice new camera. I used to feed the birds-but just can't afford too now : (

  6. Hi Janet...Those are great next blog is almost like yours...not much going on here but to feed the birds and keep warm...those are amazing pictures...perfect gift for you..

  7. You know I feed the birds. Had to restock our seed supply today. I love those pictures. My new camera is not as good as yours, but it is a lot better than my old one.

  8. really enjoyed your blogs and your beautiful, amazing winged creatures. Thank you for posting them and your garden and your surroundings must be lovely that it is hosting so many lovely birds. Mary Ann

  9. Love the birds. Have been too lazy to fill the feeders. But need to get out and do it.

  10. Great job with that new camera! Beautiful pictures!
    I have feeders out and do fill them when I remember. Maybe I need to add that to my list!!

  11. Wow! these photos are beautiful, Janet. What kind of camera did you get?

  12. Thanks everyone. I love taking pictures of our birds. Rose Mary send us the blue jays, I still haven't seen one, we usually have lots of them. We mainly have cardinals,starlings, doves, pigeons, woodpeckers, titmouses and juncos. We just bought another 50lb bag of birdseed today.Our camera is a Nikon D5000. I finally let my husband talk me into letting him get one.


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