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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Out and About

We got out from under the covers and out and about this morning before the snow started.

In 2008 I posted here about Mail Pouch Tobacco Barns. We have one just a little ways down the road from us. I took a picture of the back side of it on the way to town.

I also took this picture of turkeys following each other across a field. There is usually around 2 dozen turkeys in this field along with a herd of deer. I guess they knew I had my camera with me and decided not to show today.

On the way back, no one was behind us, so Charley slowed down so I could take a few pictures. The barn is slowly falling apart. I'm afraid it won't last through the winter without collapsing.

These pictures were taken during another snow storm which is coming through today and tomorrow. We didn't make it home before the snow started to come down.

It's the leaning barn of Fairplain. I feel like taking some long boards and propping it up.

And here are three horses braving the cold and snow across the creek in front of our house.

Hope everyone's ready for the cold weekend ahead of us.
Bundle up, or better yet, stay inside if you don't have to go anywhere.


  1. I'm cold just looking at those pictures! And I vote with you - find some boards and prop up that barn. It would be a shame to lose it. blessings, marlene

  2. Beautiful old barn, shame it is falling down. I take pictures of barns when we travel.

  3. Wow, what a pictures. We are in Southern Texas and I cannot imagine any longer living in snow like that. although, it is beautiful to look at, as children we shoveled so much, I just enjoy looking at it. but, the pictures have such beauty to them, and how cool it is that you are sharing, and taking them. Thank you..and my god, keep warm over there.. blessings, Mary ann

  4. Love the barn-wish someone could restore it. Your snow is so pretty. I finally got a little-so I'm happy!

  5. What a wonderful picture. I love those old barns with advertisements on them. Tipper is right, someone needs to restore it.

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