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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More Snow and Garden Calendar

More snow came our way overnight and this morning. It was a regular little blizzard for a few hours. Charley put out bird seed for our little friends. That's the Pic of the Day at the top of my blog. He was celebrating putting out the suet. The snow is beautiful, but worrisome when you have to drive to work and school in it.

Here's a few shots of our friends:

grand central station

here I come!

me too!

hey, get out of here! there's no more room!

here come the cardinals

being nice and sharing the seeds

I think the birds and I are getting tired of winter. Charley picked up the Garden Calendar at Tractor Supply Co. today when we went down to buy more bird seeds for our feathered friends.

Here's what you're supposed to do in February. Click on it and it will enlarge.

It says to prune grapes on February 15th, prune decidous trees and shrubs on February 21 and prune blueberries on February 22. Looks like Charley has his work cut out for him.

Are you longing for spring yet?


  1. I picked up my garden calendar last week too. I was telling my daughter-in-law that those who hate winter don't know how to rest. We're still putting up food in November, in December it's the holidays, in January we can rest and in February we're back at it, planning the garden and starting seeds. Thank goodness for January, I say!

  2. I've been studying up on what to do outside... can't wait until it's time to start playing! I love feeding the birds too... i put out fresh seed yesterday. The cardinals are so pretty against all the winter backgrounds.

  3. Charley will have to bundle up tight for the chores : ) Love the snowy pics.

  4. Just found you this morning and love your site. These pictures are beautiful. Looking forward to following you

  5. Such great shots of the pretty birds! And WOW...that calendar sure has you hopping...(or your hubby..LOL!)

    Hope spring is around the corner for you SOON!

  6. Your snow pictures are so pretty! We are expecting some ice tonight and tomorrow~I love snow, but not ice!

  7. living in southern Texas, we would not know what to do with snow. Lived in New York as children, and having shoveled snow too many winters I don't miss living in it. But, love seeing your pictures, and almost miss it until the memories surface of living with snow. thank you for the beautiful photos..really enjoy checking your blog..

  8. Oh yes, I am! And that honeybee I seen yesterday made it worse.

  9. We are still getting several inches of snow as I write this. I am so ready for spring. Our birds have been at our feeders. They are truly out in force!

  10. I think that must mean it's time to cut the Zebra Grass that lines our front fence. That's what I told my husband. And told him. And told him. Soon he says...soon. blessings, marlene

  11. morning. Just found your blog. Your pictures are so pretty. I love watching the birds.
    Patty H.

  12. I love watching the birds...not just winter...year round. I'd love to have one of those calendars...if you go by there again, do you think you could pick me up one...we could stop in the next time we're out that way.


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