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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Work and Pleasure

We've been working around the house, trying to tidy up things before winter creeps up on us.

Over the weekend my son and I cleaned the front porch and siding and we took down the shutters.
As you can see, the shutters are home to wasper and mud dauber communities. We cleaned their communities from the siding and from the shutters and even had a quick run from the mad insects a time or two.

I have these vintage metal chairs that I love. I purchased them at a yard sale a few years ago for around $3 each. I love them, but they needed a paint job.

My son pressure washed them and yesterday I placed them under the apple trees and painted them.

I was joined by the bees feasting on the fallen apples. A word of advice, don't walk barefoot under apple trees in the fall. No, I did not step on one, I wore shoes. I've learned the hard way before. Click on the picture to see the bee.

We still need to paint the shutters and put them back up, but the chairs are finished and I now have the pleasure of sitting on them again.

A local CEOS held a poetry contest which was open to amateurs. I entered my poem Hills of West Virginia. I had forgotten all about it until I received this in the mail today. I repeat it was for amateurs only, that was the reason I entered and probably the reason I got 2nd place. A simple pleasure on a beautiful fall day.


  1. Your chairs really look good.
    Second place in the contest, that is great, keep it up and someday I will have a famous cousin.

  2. Janet I love those chairs..I am looking for a couple of those myself..maybe I will run across the deal like you got,the yellow and white is my favorite colors in those chairs..and good job on the poem..I need to finish my outside cleaning to..maybe I will get done..

  3. Secdon place means you were better than everyone but one other person, so congratulations!

    Love those chairs. They look great! We found one out in a woods dump last year and I repainted it. They last a long time don't they?

  4. Congratulations!!!
    Published author and award winner, too. Vera is right, maybe one day you'll be famous and we can say..."I knew her when....." tee hee
    Been cleaning up around here to. Seems to never get done, because I keep adding more to the list.

  5. It sounded like a very productive weekend and those chairs came out real nice.
    I like the picture of the bee on the apple.

  6. Aren't you always the busy one... just like that little bee...always doing something. Contratulations on your award. Is that poem posted on your other site?

  7. Amazing chairs Janet-they remind me of my Granny's house.

  8. Your chairs turned out really nice also! Sure put us in on the giveaway, and thank you for including us! We joined your blog it looks like a fun place to visit :)

    Thank you,
    Laura and Michele


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