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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Our Deer

The deer used to come out only at night and visit under our apple trees. The adults came with the young ones and ate the many apples that had fallen upon the ground the day before.

They got braver. . . Recently we could set our watch by them. Every evening, around 7:30 they would appear from around our house and gather under our apple tree for a visit and a snack. Of course, we would never have our camera handy, and when we did it just doesn't take good pictures in the early twilight, so all we would see were their big deer eyes looking at us.

They got even braver. . . and they are arriving earlier, now. But only two young ones continue to come.

They are so pretty.

But, I'm afraid our friends will soon disappear. . .

and we won't get to watch them any more. Our apples are almost gone and they don't like our few pears laying on the ground. But, as you can see, they tried eating them.

So, they may soon be leaving our yard in search of greener pastures and more apples.

We harvested the few pears from our pear tree. The frost got all the blooms last spring except for these few.

We love watching our deer. There is a field in front of our house and across the creek where a herd of them graze and frolic every evening. Of course, I won't mention deer season in Jackson County. You would think it was a national holiday. So at least for now, I will try not to think about it, and I won't mention it any more.


  1. Hi Janet, we have deer that come and eat our apples too, they are fun to watch. Your pears look great:)

  2. I know there are deer around here, we see sign. But very seldom see the deer. And it's usually only in the wee early morning hours. They are amazing to watch.
    Oh, and that thing you don't want to talk coming soon.
    But I won't think about it either.

  3. Whitetail Deer are very much one of God's creations. I see them quite a bit in my area and take pictures all the time.
    Yes, it is true I am a deer hunter but, I am more happy just being in the outdoors and seeing them. I hunt for food only and do not take more than I need if that is of any consolation for you.

  4. The deer are beautiful..If you put some corn out where the apples are they will probally keep coming back..I put some feed out for them at my place just so they will come back and I can watch them..

  5. We have deer in the pasture but no apples. I love watching them!

  6. Good photos of the deer, Jan. We have deer also, but never see them, only the evidenced of their visit. They like our chestnuts. I love watching them and will get to see plenty on vacation....can hardly wait.

  7. Pretty deer Janet. We have them every where around here-but I've never seen one in my yard.

  8. When we first moved in we saw them in the fall and winter. Now it's year round. This year they are eating everything. A lot of people are saying there isn't much mast in the woods for them so they're looking for food.
    We came home today and two fawns that have been around all summer were laying down in our yard.
    I told my husband they were our new children. :)

  9. Janet,

    Beautiful shots of the deer. Last spring deer came to the park across the street, but once Canada Day arrived, we didn't see them again. Glad yours are still visiting. I love watching them.

    Hope you have a great week. I need to read the previous post about the lamp.



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