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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Uh - Oh

I went for a stroll with my camera. I came across some things to share with you.

Some were pretty. . .

One was interesting . . .

Some were scary. . .

But, the last one was down right horrifying. . .

You know what this is don't you? It is the larvae of the Isabella Tiger Moth.
It is the furry woolly worm. It can be spotted in the fall months in great numbers inching along the ground.

They have 80 - 85% accuracy rate for predicting the weather.

More BLACK than brown = Harsh Winter
More BROWN than black = Mild Winter

I guess we'd better get out our warm coats and stock up on the firewood!
What do you think?


  1. YIKES! Don't think I've ever seen an ALL BLACK one! You don't live near PA do you????? We don't want those here, lol!

  2. mom and dad always says that about the wooly worm.I don'tthink I have ever seen one all black..we may just have a big bad winter,,let it come I have plenty of food stored and lots of fire wood too.LOVE YOUR PICS..

  3. I've had that creeping feeling up my back before you even showed me what we call the 'wooly bear' here in Maryland. I have NEVER seen one that's all black either. I just knew there was a reason I was stocking food and water. I MUST ask Sister B to take me to the store though to replace one of my oil radiator heaters. I've got a feeling I'm going to need it. xxoo

  4. Great pictures Janet!

    I like the one of the spider! The webs they spin sure are fun to look at.

    Yes, I too think it is going to be a cold harsh Winter this year! I love Chris Bailey's blog on He is my weatherman!


  5. Janet,

    Love the photos of the flowers, but the wooly caterpillar is scary. My parents and grandparents swore by their accuracy. I haven't seen one here yet this year, but hope ours has more brown on it than yours does. Winter is not my favorite time of year anymore.

    Thanks for your comments on my post tonight. Your name has been entered into the giveaway.


  6. That is definately something to think about. I know here in the northeast last year we really had it easy compared to past winters so I'm afraid we are do.

    Time will tell!

    p.s. I did enjoy the photo's, nice job.

  7. Yikes... cute post... love the photo's.

  8. haha I seen one yesterday here in Hurricane WV that was all light brown with one little tiny stripe of black in the middle.

    So I guess it will be a mild winter with a little bit of harsh for the middle for us here!

  9. Lots of lovely photos Janet!
    My Mom and I were just talking yesterday about a hard winter. I've been watching the squirrels and mentioned they had started collecting early this year. Now here you are with a black woolly worm. Note: take coat to the cleaners. :)

  10. I'm hopeing that maybe Andrew or David spray painted that wooly worm.LOL

  11. Your fall flowers are pretty. I love fall. I've finally gotten some ironnweed and goldenrod started in my flowerbeds. They look so pretty with the mexican sunflowers and purple asters. I hope its not too cold this year. I've gotten used to the milder winters.

  12. Uh oh, yes, you better get ready. I haven't seen many solid black ones over the years.
    And down here I seldom ever see one of those. So I never know what kind of winter to expect.


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