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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Traveling WV - Part Three

I'm back from vacation. Sorry it took so long to get the last post up about it.
Even when you're gone for just 3 1/2 days, there's a lot of catching up to do when you get back.

On Wednesday we went down to the bottom of the gorge on the tramway.

The river flows below. . .

. . . in front of the lodge. We've stayed in these rooms before. The only way to get to them is riding the tram. It's a fun place to stay, the only drawback is loading all your luggage and stuff into the tramcar for the trip to the bottom.

We also went on a trail walk on Wednesday and I made a friend with this little box turtle. He was so cute and he let me pet him.

On Thursday, before leaving, we met our friend, Jim Phillips. I took a picture of him with Charley on the porch of the old homestead down at the Nature Center. He's been the Park Naturalist for years and still remembers when my oldest son (who is now 29 yrs. old) went for the river walk with us. My son was only around 3 years old, it was very hot and the trail was long and he stated to everyone, "I'm tired, I got a headache and I need a Tylenol."

We had a great trip and look forward to returning next year. We celebrated our Anniversary on Wednesday at Pipestem. It was 31 years ago that we stayed there on our honeymoon.

As soon as we got home on Thursday, I headed for the garden. . . and picked beans again.
Yesterday and today we canned a total of 28 quarts. I picked squash and cucumbers. My son forgot to go to the garden while we were gone and one of the squash could have been registered as a lethal weapon it grew so big!

Hope you enjoyed traveling WV with me this week. If you ever get the chance I would recommend Pipestem for a vacation destination.

You'll have fun!


  1. Janet-Happy Anniversary! I'm so glad your trip was nice.

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time, but canning season won't wait, will it?

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful trip! Hey, I have an uncle named Jim Phillips that lives in West Virginia! Could this guy be a cousin or even him? That picture of the box turtle brought back so many memories of visiting my Hockenberry relatives in the state. Dad would stop the car in the middle of the dirt roads (where we were it was dirt roads) so we could pick up the box turtle laying there. They made good pets!

  4. Hi Jan, glad you enjoyed your vacation. I forgot it was your anniversary. I believe it was our 20th anniversary that John and I had our first vacation at Watoga State Park...since then we have visited various WV State parks...
    in October. We found that we love the mountains in Canaan Valley and return there more than any other...
    can hardly wait until October.

  5. I've caught up on your travels and I'm thinking there are many places I need to visit now that I'm back home in West Virginia.
    Nice posts Janet!

  6. Sounds like my kinda place. I love being near the water. The sound is so relaxing.
    I've never ridden a tram. Sounds like fun.
    Happy belated anniversary!


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