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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Transistor Radios

Vintage Thingies Thursday

I'm participating in Vintage Thingies Thursday again, hosted by Colorado Lady. Go visit and see others who are posting their vintage thingies.

I am not the only one in the family that likes to collect. My husband also collects a few things.

Raise your hand if you remember transistor radios.

I loved my little transistor radio when I was young. My friends and I would walk down our little country road listening to our radio. I had a little black one when I was a teenager. It's a wonder that such a little thing as that transistor radio could bring such pleasure.

My husband has a little collection of them. . .

all in a row . . .

on a shelf in the living room. They stand at attention, just waiting for you to put the battery in them and tune in to your favorite station.

Here are my favorite ones out of their leather cases. Aren't they pretty?

This is one thing I don't mind him collecting, because I like them to. They bring back lots of good memories.


  1. Oh, how I loved my transistor radio! For a time, I never went anywhere without it. I've actually been looking at radios on Ebay, and I've had my eye on a pink one! Great collection!

  2. My dad would go NUTS for this collection!
    Do you remember the episode when Laurie Partridge was picking up transistor radio waves on her braces? LOL

  3. Hi!
    My transistor radio was white with a tan leather case. I got it for Christmas when I was 11 years old from my parents. Oh, Elizabeth, I remember that episode of The Partridge Family! Ah...the memories!!

  4. Seems like it is impossible to find a new transistor radio. I have tried because one would be nice to have when the power is out or there is a tornado warning.

  5. I remember buying my boys one a piece for Christmas one year. You have a great collection of them

  6. I remember my first transistor radio. I thought I was so cool to have one. Only AM stations too!
    Oh thank you for showing those!
    I also want to tell you that every time I see your blackberry profile picture in other comments, I'm reminded of the blackberry pinkeeps and a candle mat that I recently just made. I did hundreds of french knots to make them look realistic and your picture makes me want to make more!

  7. What a great collection! I remember the little radios, but I remember the ones in the little leather cases. Someone in my family had a radio in a case, but I can not think who. I think my grandpa had one on his dresser or bed, he most likely listened to it at night. Your collection (your husbands) collection is impressive. Such nostalgia!

    Have a great VTT and a wonderful weekend.

  8. On summer nights, my dad would listen to the Cincinnati Reds baseball games on his transistor radio. Many nights I fell asleep to the faint sound of the game coming from his room. My grandson is visiting with me now, and watches baseball games almost every night. Just the sound takes me back to hot summer nights and the sound of Dad's transistor radio.

  9. OMG! My parents had that leather
    covered Magnavox transistor radio!
    We always took it to the beach...
    got sand in it....great memories!

  10. Your husband has a great collection. I miss those simpler times. Thanks for stopping by.

  11. I received one of those radios as a gift when I graduated from 8th was so COOL to own one! thanks for the memories....

  12. Your radio treasures are wonderful..and yes, I do remember them. Love the white one in your collection. Happy VTT, have a wonderful weekend.

  13. Am I old if I remember transistor radios? I loved mine. You have a great collection!

  14. I too remember transistor radios...and taking them to the beach or the lake! One of my husband's fondest memories of his Dad is that he never went anywhere without his transistor radio!

    Great collection-love the salmony pink one!

  15. Neat collection! I never thought about the fact that they're "vintage" now. How time does fly.

  16. wow what a fab collection brought back lots of fun memories :)

  17. Oh

    They really are vintage!


  18. Neat! Loved this post-brought back memories for me too.

  19. You mean just waiting for you to dust them-or does your DH do that himself?
    There was such a variety of these radios, all shapes & sizes, remember?

  20. Oh, do I remember transistor radios! I always slept with the little earpiece in my ear. Great collection.

  21. Hi Jan....I had one too. Mine was really small. I think it was olive green. It was one of my most treasured posessions. I don't know what happened to it. I listened to it all the time.

  22. I remember ! I even remember the call letters of my station WLCY 138! Bea I slept with mine every night too!

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