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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Picking Veggies

Our garden is producing! Finally!

Yesterday, I picked green beans for the first time.

I now understand why people like to plant pole beans. It is literally a pain in the back bending over and picking bush beans! We like these stringless bush beans, though.

After I picked, snapped and washed them. . .

Charley set up the canner in the garage. . .

and we canned them.

We were able to can 19 quarts, cook a big mess and give a big mess to my son and his wife from this first picking.

That's not bad!

How's your garden growing?


  1. That sure is a pretty bunch of beans!!!!

  2. Way to go Janet! Looking good! You're getting started and I'm finishing up!

  3. Nice beans! Cukes and squash look good too. Isn't it great when things finally start coming in?

    We had to put up corn this evening, and froze some squash. The beans need to be picked again and there's more corn. Tomatoes are coming in, the beets are ready...I'm feeling a little over-run right now, but glad to have all this food for sure. It's a good garden year for us.

  4. I love snapping beans. They smell so good. Taste good too.

  5. Wow! That's a bunch of green beans! Wish mine would produce like that. We eat a lot of green beans, maybe next year I'll plant a bigger green bean patch.

  6. Wow Janet, all that hard work paid off. Don't you love to hear the sound of your cans popping when the seal? Blessings, Annie

  7. Your veggies do look good, Jan. Your garden has done really good.

  8. Great stuff! I'd love to can green beans...but that would take green beans and a canner. :) Guess I'll stick with greens. :)

  9. Pretty beans! Congrats on the 19 quarts!

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