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Monday, June 1, 2009

Baby Robin Saga

Baby robins thrive outside among the blackberry plants.
They play hide and seek beneath the green vines.

But this baby robin thrived on adventure.
She loved to roam in buildings and hop onto pretty red tillers.

"Who are you? You don't look like my mommy. I'm not going to budge until I see my mommy.
No m'am, I'm going to be like Granny Clampet and I'm not going to budge from this pretty red tiller."

"What? What's this? Where are you taking me? Help! Mommy, where are you?"

If the sweet, stubborn baby robin won't budge, then you do the next best thing. You move the pretty red tiller.

"You're not my mommy. I'm not going to budge until I see my mommy. Mommy, where are you? There's a strange man staring at me."

"Oh, no! They're ganging up on me."

"I've had enough of this. I'm going to go find my mommy."
The sweet, stubborn baby robin hops off into the dark night.
Another adventure awaits her tomorrow.

You can click on the pictures above for a close up of the sweet, stubborn baby robin.


  1. I enjoyed your little Robin story. Sounds like it would make a good little children's book.

  2. This was so sweet Janet! Where was the Mommy? Did it find her?

  3. thank you for your comments.
    I'm sure the mommy was out there somewhere. The baby headed for the blackberry bushes, I think they hang out there. I watched the mommy feed them yesterday in that area.

  4. Cute post! I can only hear what that robin has to tell her grandchildren.
    "I went for a ride on a red piece of machinery, people were flashing cameras at me and staring.
    I was famous for a day."

  5. Janet: That reminded me of the Dr. Suess book "Are You My Mommy". Very cute.

  6. That was so, so cute. I'm glad you took good care of that little baby.
    I agree with Gloria.

  7. Silly,little baby robin!!!
    Sure hope she finds her Mama.
    Where does the time's almost the weekend!

  8. Janet,
    I loved your story about that cute baby robin. Did she ever find her mommy?

  9. hi there, i just found your blog..i am a wv blogger too, come over and visit your baby robin! so precious!

  10. What a cute post! I loved the little bird.

  11. I love little birds learning to fly. My baby ospreys are beginning to flap their wings.

  12. What a cute story about your baby robin. Loved the pics!


  13. The story and pictures were great. I can't believe she sat there so long


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