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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Funky Bird Nest Pictures

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology wants your funky bird nest pictures.

You know by visiting my blog that I love birds and birdnests.
I think a lot of my followers do too, so I thought I would post this challenge from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Their bird of the week happens to be the mourning dove! I found one of our baby mourning doves in my flower garden yesterday.

She blends right into the surroundings! Can you see her? I almost stepped on her. Click on the picture to see her close up.

Here is the camera's close up view of her. Isn't she pretty? They are almost grown when they leave the nest.

Now, back to the contest. Go here and click on funky nests in funky places for the information about the challenge, but wait till you've finished reading my post and answered my question.

Send in your entry by July 31st. There are some great prizes! I think my readers could have a good chance at winning. So take your picture or write your story and enter!

Have you seen any strange places where birds have built their nests?

I have! In our neighborhood I've seen them inside mail boxes, paper boxes, on top of ladders leaning up against buildings, over outside lights, inside buildings on shelves, etc.

Please comment. Tell me where you've seen some funky nests in funky places.


  1. My son-in-law left his work boots sitting on the porch a few days and the birds built a nest in one of them. He left the boots there till the eggs hatched.

  2. Right now I have a nest in one of my hanging plants on our deck. Not so unusual, but it is exciting. Just recently I had a nest of house wren in one of the life jackets from our boat hanging on our covered porch. The eggs hatched and we had a time getting the little ones to fly off the porch before the cat and dog got to them.

  3. Ours build on the porch and some have built inside the cow skull Hubby has mounted over his shop door.

  4. I don't have an strange place..but I put out a little decorative birdhouse on my deck and within a few days wrens have started making a nest. We're watching to see what happens. Birds have made nests in my hanging flower pots in the past too. I'm enjoying your blog and the music!

  5. I used to keep my saddle bags I use when horseback riding, hanging outside in our shed. Birds loved to build nests in there. Of course, I couldn't use my saddlebags until the birds were gone. So I had to bring them in, just in case I needed to use them to.

  6. Janet-I love mourning doves-they are one of my favorite birds. I have a bird nest on a shelf right outside my front door this year.

  7. Hi Janet,

    Thanks for the tip on Cornell Lab of Ornithology. My grand kids and I think this is a really neat idea.

  8. Several apartments ago, I had a front porch light that birds built a nest in every year. But they always abandoned it when they realized they'd built too close to the freeway. ;-)

  9. One thing we have are plenty of birds because we always feed them...
    but I don't know where they nest except for the ones that nest in our bird houses. I think it is great how you got to see the doves nesting.


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