Saturday, December 10, 2022

Pretty Gumdrop Ornaments



I've got a table at a small craft show this weekend. I've been making, among other things, ornaments to sell.

Here are steps to making pretty gumdrop ornaments.
Supplies needed: paint (color or your choice), glue, 22 gauge craft wire, egg shape Styrofoam, glitter, paint brushes, toothpicks, serrated knife, small wire cutters
Cutting the Styrofoam with serrated knife.
Cut a short piece of wire, bend in half and twist the bottom ends around each other. Dip in glue and push into rounded top of Styrofoam. This will be the hanger.
Paint bottom of gumdrop and sprinkle with glitter while paint is still wet.
Insert toothpick into bottom of gumdrop and paint the top.
Stick gumdrops into something to dry (I used another piece of Styrofoam) and sprinkle top of gumdrops with glitter (again, while the paint is still wet).
Here are the finished gumdrop ornaments. They look good enough to eat.....but don't!
I also made little gumdrops with the small cut off ends of the Styrofoam. These would be cute hanging on a small kitchen tree. I like the orange best, what's your favorite?


  1. My soon-to-be 16 yr old granddaughter will be with us for the holidays and will love this craft. She has all the makings of being as creative as her Oma. Thanks for the directions -- it'll make my job with her easier.

  2. That is a very clever craft idea!
    Thanks for sharing it.

  3. They certainly do look like gumdrops but I don't think that red one would taste like the cherry I would be hoping for. :)

  4. The gumdrops look good enough to eat.

  5. I like all the colors-such a neat idea!!

  6. Thanks for stopping by:)
    Great idea and so cute. I like all the colors and if I remember, this would be so much fun to make with my Granddaughter:)
    Have a great weekend.
    Christmas JOY to You.

  7. What a wonderful tutorial on gumdrops it not to late to make some .Thank you so much :o)

  8. What a great idea. I'm telling my sisters about this one. Maybe we'll make some together. Thanks for sharing. xxoo

  9. Janet, thanks for posting this! What great little ornaments! Can't wait to try with my grandson!

    OK, I know--I am WAY behind in commenting on your blog!!!! Sorry! I'll try to get caught up.


  10. that is sooo awesome

  11. lianiso, ( anonymous abouveDecember 3, 2009 at 7:17 PM

    one more thing, i love them soo much, i might have to make them this year

  12. These are so cute and clever. I never would have thought to make something like that from a styrofoam egg.
    This is going on our crafting to-do list.

  13. I just love these adorable ornaments and your photos and instructions are terrific. I've featured them on a post at -

  14. I love this! I have an antique gum drop man and a plum pudding that spin in my railing every Christmas. I will make some pink to match them!

  15. Cute idea and simple enough to do with my great grandsons. Have a Merry Christmas and enjoy the holidays,. Do you bake cookies? I usually do peanut butter, but if I bake too early, I eat too many.

    1. I think they would love doing it. I love baking cookies, but like you, I also love eating them. I like baking snowballs and peanut butter blossoms during the holidays.


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