Freezing Corn - the Easy Way

I love corn put up in the freezer. It is so much better than canned corn from the store - much better.

I used to do it the hard way. I would blanch the ears of corn, then put them in ice water in the kitchen sink to cool. This was very time consuming, messy, and used a lot of ice.

This is how I do it now. And, if you don't want to make a sticky mess in your kitchen, do it outside.

First, you get a bunch of corn . . .

Shuck the corn and cut it off the cob . . .

Get a couple of big pots and put a stick of butter, 1 cup of water and 4 T. of sugar in each one . . .

Add 10 cups of cut off corn to each pot with the butter, water and sugar mixture . . .

Bring to a boil and boil for 3 minutes

Pour the corn into containers to cool . . .

Then fill your freezer bags!

                                I put three cups in each bag

I don't know what I would do without my freezers.

If you are really feeling energetic, take the corn cobs and make corn cob jelly. Click here to see how I did that last year.

Have you put up any food this summer?


  1. Yummy, and just think how this will taste in winter.

  2. Corn always makes a big mess, but it is SO worth it! I do mine the old fashioned way and it does take a lot of ice and several pans of water. I love it, but the farmer has never cared much for it, so, more for me. lol

    1. Hi Charlotte. You should try cutting it off first - so much easier! Can't believe the farmer doesn't care much for it, it is so good.

  3. I do mine about the same but this year our late corn didn't make ears worth harvesting. Sad, that. Your corn looks delicious.

    1. Hi Suzanne. We got our corn across the river at Never Dunn Farms.


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