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Friday, February 11, 2011

A Little Get a Way

We are leaving today for a little get a way. We will be back on Sunday.

We are taking the long way around or what you would call the scenic route to one of my favorite places.. .
Pipestem State Park for a two day stay.

I absolutely hate going on the West Virginia Turnpike. It makes me a nervous wreck. So my husband said we could take the scenic route this time.

Going out of Charleston we will start out on Rt. 60 (Midland Trail). On their site it says, 'listen closely, and you will hear the echoes of the past. The footfalls of hooves. The creaks of wagon wheels. Feet marching cadence to the drumbeat of war. Steam whistles and chugs of locomotives. Great herds of buffalo beat this east-west path across the Appalachians. Shawnee dragged captive Mary Draper Ingles across parts of it. George Washington and Andrew Lewis first surveyed and owned it. Daniel Boone hiked across parts of it. . . It is the scene of over 200 years of exploration, conquest, and American industrial history.'

We will drive the curvy mountain roads that pass Hawks Nest State Park. We will drive over the New River Gorge Bridge. We will drive down the winding mountain road into Hinton. Then, we will drive along the Bluestone past the Bluestone Dam to the Park. 

Now, doesn't that sound much better than driving the West Virginia Turnpike to get there.

We went to  Pipestem State Park on our honeymoon in 1978  and have been visiting there ever since. We love it. We went there last year in January and a blizzard came our first night there. Our car never left the parking lot until we came home. That was a first for us. You can go here and see the different posts I have did on the park.

I promise to take plenty of pictures. I will be back on Sunday and visit all of your blogs.
Hope everyone has a nice weekend.


  1. Driving on the Midland Trail, it seems like you become an actual part of history too, you blend with the wagon wheels and horse hooves. What a nice way to begin your getaway ... Enjoy!

  2. I love this post. AND we too love the Midland Trail, always take it to Hawks Nest where we used to stay often in the fall. Haven't gone for a few years. Need to get back there soon. Love the views.
    I'm a huge fan, as you know of WV, every blade of grass, every mountain trail, so have a lovely time for me as well.
    God bless. Safe travels.
    Blessings, Barb

  3. Have a wonderful trip Janet! Can't wait to hear about it when you get back home. Hugs!

  4. Have fun Janet! We love driving to Beckley through Hawks Nest! I'd rather drive through there than the Turnpike any day. We do use the Turnpike to come home because it is usually dark.

    The picture in my header on my blog was taken at Kanawha Falls. Take lots of pictures! I remember your trip from last year! That was a lot of snow!

    Have a Wonderful Weekend!

  5. Janet, stop at Chestnut Revival Coffeehouse in Hinton if you have time. Neat place, great bakery!

  6. I can remember riding in the back of my ad's station wagon as we used 60 to get to my grandparents' house in Ohio when he was in the Navy. I swear I saw our tail lights several times when we rounded curves but it sure is better than using the turnpike and dodging truckers. That's what I hate about using 81 on this side; the truckers think they own the rtoad!

  7. I just love Pipestem too. It is a beautiful place and the way you describe the trip there is wonderful. I hate the turnpike myself. I hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend together with lots of pretty sunshine :)


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