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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Writing Wednesday II

It's Writing Wednesday!

I accomplished something today. I stopped procrastinating and took a trip to the Post Office with a large envelope in hand. After doing a little publisher researching, I sent out sample chapters of my manuscript, The Family Secret. It feels good to have a submission out there in the world again.

But, unless they want to see the entire manuscript, I will never hear from the publisher. That is a pet peeve I have. Now a days, more and more publishers will only reply if they are interested in your manuscript. If they do not like it, it goes to the recycling bin. Authors do not even get a rejection slip to add to their collection. I know publishers get swamped with submissions, but with a computer nearby, I wish they could take a minute of their time to send out a rejection email to the author.

I have also submitted a poem, via email. I will hear a yes or no from it soon.

I have a few more manuscripts that, hopefully, I will soon mail.

Our writing group is starting back up again. Yea! I have so missed our meetings. The members not only offer help in editing, but they also offer encouragement.

I think many writers would stop writing if they didn't have this encouragement. Encouraging words help when your ideas dry up or when you get discouraged that publishers do not accept unsolicited manuscripts.

For those of you who write short stories, I see where Chicken Soup has quite a few topics listed for future books. You can go here to look at the topics and see their deadlines. I think I may have a suitable story for one of them.

Thanks for visiting me on Writing Wednesday. Anyone else do a writing post today? Let us know and we can all come over and take a look.


  1. I've been participating in the River of Stones project, Janet, which requires a poem every day. Since I have 2 blogs now, I'm writing 2 poems almost every day. It's a challenge but it's making me write poetry again.

    I'm looking forward to having our meetings again. See you Tuesday!

  2. It's always exciting to send in a submission! I hope that yours is accepted. Like you, I wish more publishers would at least send a rejection slip. I love it when I do get a rejection slip and it has comments on it--such a great help in my quest to be published. You mentioned using family names in your writing. I do the same and when I'm working on genealogy, I write down interesting names that I come across.

    I like doing the Writing Wednesday posts~if I can keep it up, maybe I will re-open my writing blog.

    Thank you for the link to the Chicken Soup topics!

  3. Oh, good luck on your submissions. I've never had the nerve to submit any of my mind doodlings (poems).

    I would think that at the very least publishers could send some type of notification.

  4. did you see that i used wordle to make myself a header? thanks for pointing it out. Good luck with the publisher!!

  5. Thank you for the link for Chicken Soup. I had submitted to them before. I'll probably try again.
    Good luck on your manuscript.

  6. Janet,
    Congratulations upon submitting your manuscript and work. Thanks also for the encouragement. I need to get back into the routine and start writing and submitting again. It's easy to get lazy and just slack off on submitting work. Thanks for the encouraging posting.

  7. Good luck! And congrats on getting it all done. One of my friends says-if you don't submitt it you'll never have anything published : )


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