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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Getting Out The Decorations

I have slowly been decorating my house for the Christmas season. I got down my box of tree ornaments from the closet shelf this morning.

I found out that I like angels. . .

snowmen. . . 

and birds.

Did I mention that I liked snowmen?

I think  I  like snowmen. . .

The little vintage houses were sold with a string of lights. There is a hole in the back of them where the light was inserted and they were strung on a tree. I found these in a ziploc bag at a yard sale. I know they were a light set, because a few years back I found another set of these at a thrift store in the box they were sold in. Its like a little lighted Christmas village. I think  they are very neat.

Can you tell that I recycled a lot of items in making the ornaments and decorations? Some of the things I used were old vinyl records, cds, plastic film boxes, pencils, Styrofoam cups, old quilts,  pine cones, juice lids, different sizes of light bulbs, spoons, blocks, golf balls, pages from a songbook and clothes pins.

I love re using items.


  1. We had a little village like that when I was a child, Janet, so you know they're old! I haven't even started yet on decorating but plan to get into it this weekend. Less dust if I wait a little longer :)

  2. It's always fun to go through our boxes of ornaments. It's a little trip down memory lane.

  3. Setting up little snow villages like yours has a certain charm to it. They have a peaceful nostalgia, and are fun to look at ... Very pretty!

  4. Hello from a snowy UK. I have stumbled across this lovely blog via your other writing blog and have added myself as your latest follower. Also 'stalking' you on Networked blogs and facebook (under my real name)Please do drop by my blog and maybe follow if you would like.
    Warmest wishes.
    Carol from

  5. Isn't it fun to get them out every year? I love all those snowmen!!! We are still in the midst of decorating, too.

  6. Janet your decorations are so pretty!

  7. My favorite part about decorating is going through the boxes and seeing what I have accumulated. I like to buy right after Christmas when everything is marked down, but the following year I've forgotten what I bought!
    I hope you are enjoying the Christmas season.

  8. Cute snowmen!
    I have a thing for them, too!!


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