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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Yard Sale Goodies

My Aunt Irma loved going to yard sales, maybe even more so than I do. She once said the only thing she liked better about living in Florida than living in West Virginia was that she could go to yard sales all year round.

I live in West Virginia and the yard sale season is winding down in our area. I'd say after the first week in November, they will exist no more until next spring. But, there is always the thrift store! They stay open year round.

Today I got all of these goodies for less than $2.00.

I love candle holders, especially this wooden one with the little handle. I can see the large glass container as a centerpiece during the holidays filled with pine cones or shiny bulbs, etc.

I make ornaments out of cinnamon sticks, so 25 cents a bundle was a good buy.
The Christmas magnetic memo pad will find a place on my fridge
and a candle will look nice inside the red berry ring.

And another bowl to add to my wheat dishes.

Are there still yard sales going on in your area? Found any good buys lately?


  1. They are still going strong, here, but like in WV, by next month we won't see them again until next spring:( I do love thrift shops, though, and hope to do some shopping at some next week!

    Love your finds. What a great deal on those cinnamon sticks! I'm looking forward to seeing your centerpiece using the glass container!

  2. I am also in West Virginia and I went to a large fleamarket today. I got alot of goodies too. But the sun went down before I could get any pic's. Will have to do that tomorrow and post on my blog. Love seeing all the things you bought.

  3. Hey Janet!

    Great finds! That glass container will look great with different things in it throughout the year!

    Have a Great Day!

  4. I love your bargains! I was on my way to work this morning and saw lots of Yard Sale signs...just wish that I could have stopped and rummaged a while. Maybe next weekend:)

  5. How great. I think you did better than did great. I can never find bargains like some of my friends. I am just not good at that. I love yard sales and estate sales too and I think they are winding down.

  6. Yard sales are still going strong in our area. But, I am sure they will wind down in just a couple of weeks. I do like the glass candleholder. It will look nice during Christmas.

  7. Love all your treasures! Never know what you might find.

  8. Yard sales, flea markets...they are still going strong here. It may last another month or so. Just depends on the weather.

  9. They're almost over here too. I did write about a yardsale today though-you'll have to come see : )

    Love the wheat pattern.

  10. They are definitely already winding down in St. Albans. Just a few left. I doubt there will be any next week!


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