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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Trip to Glenville

This past weekend Charley and I traveled the long and twisting road to Glenville. We went to the West Virginia Folk Festival.

On the way there we passed by this neat little church. I love the shape of it.

Here I am with a few children in the Storyteller's Tent. I read one of my stories and the kids acted out the scarecrow and the farmer. They had a ball! I enjoyed myself, too. I found out that talking in front of people is not as hard as I thought it would be. I was there reading my stories from 4-5 pm on Saturday. In addition to my children's stories, the audience and I also talked about superstitions. I love to write about Appalachia and two of my fictional children's stories take place in West Virginia. One of them in 1908 rural West Virginia. It is filled with superstitions.

I had to take a picture of this window when I saw it. The sign said it was Akro Agate - made in Clarksburg, WV.

On the way back from Glenville, we stopped at Cedar Creek State Park. We used to go camping there and we wanted to drive through the park while we were in the area. Here is an old one-room school house surrounded with geese.

I though I'd sit for a spell while there.

In Spencer we drove past the Robey Movie Theater. It is on the National Register of Historic Places. It opened in 1907 as a vaudeville house. In 1908 it showed motion pictures. Alias Jimmy Valentine was the first talkie it showed. The Robey Theater still shows movies in Spencer.

And you know, I had to take a picture of this barn.

I love traveling West Virginia.


  1. Hi Janet, I love trips like that, especially on th eback roads. We were in West Virginia once, very pretty area. That little one room school house holds a lot of memories for someone. :) Gerry

  2. Wonder if they have lots of weddings at that little white church.

    Love the school house too. Those must be very educated geese.

  3. Keetha, I just found out on my facebook post that Lisa Hayes-Minney ,the editor of Two-Lane Livin' was married in that church!

  4. I love your pictures! Looks like Glenville was fun. I love hearing about Appalachian Superstitions. When I was going to WVSU I took a class on Appalachia. It was one of the most interesting classes I had there.

  5. I love the pictures of the schoolhouse. Also the barn. Wish my barn had that advertising work on it!

  6. Janet,

    More proof that great minds think alike. On our way back from Glenville, we also stopped and took photo's of the octagonal church on top of the mountain, and we stopped and took photo's of the mail pouch barn!

    I'd never before been on the road between Glenville & Spencer (I'd been to Glenville, and I'd been to Spencer, but never in between the two) and I was most struck with how the area remains very agricultural in nature. I don't know whether it is because of choice or necessity, but I enjoyed seeing all those little mountain farms.


  7. What a fun trip! and how neat that you read stories to the children. I find it is much easier to talk in front of people when my audience consists of children. :o)

  8. Matthew and Janet, this is my favorite drive in WV--Rte 33 from one end to the other, with Rte 2 being the second favorite. The last time I saw hay being put up with horses and shocked was on Rte 33 along this stretch between Spencer and Glenville. The little church is awesome; the Civil War graves, the "stump" gravestone, and its quiet location are all arresting. I wrote about it on my blog a few years ago--

  9. What fun to read your stories to others and have them acted out, too.
    I know the Robey Theatre. Been to Spencer many times.

  10. Looks like a fun trip, Janet. I'm so happy you got to read your stories~I think I'd be too nervous!

    I love all the pictures and beautiful scenery! I'm addicted to taking pictures of old churches and old school houses--so many of them served as one in the same. Our church served as both until the 1950s.

  11. Looks like a great trip! I bet the kids loved your book : )


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