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Saturday, February 27, 2010

What to do

I have been busy with things and I haven't been posting a lot. I am tired of posting about snow.

But what do you do when the snow will not disappear?

Right now I am watching a herd of deer in the field in front of my house. They are scuffing their hooves through the snow and nibbling at whatever they can find beneath the fluffy white stuff. They look beautiful standing in the white backdrop of the snow.

this picture was taken a few days ago, we are now covered with snow again

Our bird population grows and grows. I think they have spread the word about the people who buy the suet and the 50lb bags of birdseed.

I think this year we are having a winter to tell our grandchildren about. Our grandparents don't have anything over on us. We now have snow stories that will match the ones they told us.

When I was young we sledded on everything imaginable. Of course, there was the standard wooden sled. But we also used large pieces of cardboard and hoods of cars!

We stood around large bonfires lit to keep the hands and feet of sledding children warm.

We had snowball fights, we built snowmen, we flung backwards on the snow and made snow angels.

Of course, we did all of this after our moms bundled us in layers and layers of clothes, hats, gloves, coats and boots.

What a mess we made at the front door when we ventured back in from the cold and snow! Mountains of wet boots, outerwear, coats, hats and gloves piled on the floor. We ran to the heaters and our mothers made cups of hot cocoa to warm our insides.

I love the titmouses. . .

the cardinals. . .

the juncos, the woodpeckers, the chickadees, the wrens and the finches, but I am looking forward to seeing the first robin of spring.


  1. Hey Janet!

    Beautiful pictures of God's creatures! I too feed the birds and have noticed that they have went out and invited all of their friends to a party at my house! They have went through 10 things of suet so far this year and probably 3 bags of the 50 pound bags of sunflower seeds.

    I will say that I was shocked last week to see a Robin in Charleston! Yes! I seen my first Robin when I went to the doctor last week on Friday. My doctor's office is on Laidley Street behind the movie theatre not far from the mall. I seen a few more in town as I was leaving. I was shocked to see them!

    Stay warm!

  2. I just posted pic of my deer on my blog too. They are such beautiful creatures.

    I'm having a Spring giveaway to ward off the snow and winter blues. Come on over and check it out.

  3. Janet,
    Hey are you the Janet on the loop that sold a poem to Holler Mag???
    Anyway I love the pics and the pics you printed with your words. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hey! I'm with you on the snow thing! It needs to end! I am ready for spring. I want to wear bright colors and see green outside!

  5. Well, Angela, I haven't seen a robin yet. Barbara I am the one who will have a poem in Holler, but I don't think there's any payment for it. Glad you all like my pics.

  6. I don't have many birds because I have been too lazy to keep seed out. But, I did see a ROBIN already. Spring is almost HERE. The snow is so beautiful.

  7. I am tired of the snow as well. But, we are supposed to get more this week. Yuk. Love the pictures of the birds.

  8. I really love your pictures and can understand how you feel about the winter.
    When certain days are rough because of the weather I tend to glance out at the bird feeders and enjoy watching them as you have mentions.

    My favorite bird I would have to say is the Northern Cardinal.

  9. I am loving these pictures. All of them!
    I can only imagine how sick of snow all of you up north are. But the robins have made an appearance down here, so it won't be much longer.

  10. More snow here too Janet-you're right this has been one more winter. Love your photos.

  11. Amazing birds. I used it live in MI and loved to see the variety of birds. Cardinals are one of my all time favorites, happy to see them even if it isn't in my yard.


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