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Friday, February 5, 2010

Rain, Snow, Sleet. . . Take your pick

It's been raining all day and we have the high water to prove it. It got a lot deeper than this, but I couldn't snap a picture after dark.

But now it has turned into a wet snow. I guess we'll see how much has accumulated when we get up in the morning.

Are you wondering if February is good for anything besides snow and Valentine's Day?

I found out a few things I didn't know when I was researching my February children's column for Two-Lane Livin'.

I bet you didn't know that February 11th is National Inventors' Day, in honor of Thomas Edison.

Of course, everyone knows that two of our most famous presidents were born in the cold month of February. . . but did you know that February 14th is Ferris Wheel Day? I didn't.

I found that February is also a good time to buy clothing on clearance. I was at Wal Mart a couple of days ago and I got two skirts for $3 each, 2 blouses for $3 each, one pair of pants for $3, three shorts for $2 each and a blouse for $5. I hardly ever pay full price for clothing and I thought these were pretty good deals.

I guess we should be glad that this is not leap year or we would have to put up with 29 days of yucky weather. . . I am ready for the first blooms of spring! How about you?

I close this post as I listen to the sound of the snow plow rumbling down the road.


  1. Hi Janet,
    We live in Ohio and we are getting a heavy wet snow tonight. I don't think our area has gotten that much, a couple of inches, but it is very wet. I hope it just doesn't turn into ice. That is never fun. I had heard on the news that WVA was to get a lot of snow. Good day to sew tomorrow and this weekend.

  2. Hey, we too have some white and more on the way..Thanks for the info on Feburary..interesting.. Have a super Saturday..

  3. The snow sure is pretty and I enjoy watching the birds at the feeders...
    but I think we've had enough of winter....I want spring. Hope we don't have any power outages this time.

  4. I'm jealous Janet! You have snow plows on your road! We are always lucky if they come out our road! lol I somtimes wonder if they just don't like us because they don't clean our road that well when they do come out! lol

    You got way more water than we did even though we were flooded in last night the water didn't come out of the banks too much into our hay field this time.

    Stay warm!

  5. Yes it's true you can find snow, sleet and freezing rain in Febuary. I don't mind saying I hate all three of them.
    Maybe because I'm a hunter but the only time I like snow is during deer season and Thanksgiving and Christmas

  6. I wonder why Ferris Wheel Day is in the middle of winter.

  7. Gloria, I thought that was a little crazy, too, celebrating it in February. But, the reason Ferris Wheel Day is in February is because the inventor of the Ferris Wheel was George Washington Ferris and he was born on Feb 14, 1859.

  8. What a winter! I am really dreaming of spring!

    Sorry you got so much rain and then more snow:( We are expecting some of all of that tomorrow.

    Stay warm!


  9. We've had lots of rain this winter. And our creeks and rivers have been running high, like yours. YES, I am ready for SPRING!

  10. We got tons of rain too-and then a only a dusting of snow. Neat tidbits about February : )


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