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Monday, August 20, 2012

Fruits of Our Labor

The gardening season is winding down. 

We have thus far canned 27 quarts of green beans, 6 jars of salsa, 11 jars of peppers

I have frozen 17 containers of spaghetti sauce

24 quarts of tomatoes (love, love, love fresh juicy tomatoes from the garden)

and, approximately 20 quarts of blueberries

I have also put blackberries in the freezer, and we have had oodles of squash and cucumbers. Our watermelon plants were a bust and I'm not sure if our pumpkin vines are going to survive or not. Our potatoes did great! Most of them are still in the ground. We leave them in the ground and dig them as needed.

I am going to make jelly out of some of the blueberries once things are a little less hectic around here. I love blueberry jelly!

I am not a big fan of peppers, but those canned peppers are delicious!

I know a lot of you out there 'put up' much more than I have, but we put back enough for our needs.

I made the salsa last night, now I'm off to the kitchen to 'put up' more tomatoes in the freezer.
I always try to freeze a lot of tomatoes. We use them in chili, soups and creamed tomatoes for breakfast.

What have you 'put up' this summer? Are you glad that autumn is around the corner?
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 Posted by Janet F. Smart on Writing in the Blackberry Patch


  1. I wish I knew how to do all that, but I'm too lazy to try to learn on my own! Yum! I agree about tomatoes. I just ate some from my garden today and they're WAY better than store-bought. Kudos to you for all your hard work. :-)

  2. Ahh ~ lots of good winter time eating! We weren't able to have a garden this year without rain. I did freeze tomato juice from tomatoes we bought and I froze a few bought peaches. I'm hoping to have turnip greens to freeze. I'd so much rather have food from my own garden because I know what's on it. Our blueberry bushes look pretty bad; hoping they survive!

  3. Looks good, Janet! I'd like to have your pepper recipe--I've never canned them, except that recipe with tomato sauce and weiners.

  4. I just love seeing what you have put up. I have been working hard to get some put by as well. You can take a look here if you would like.

  5. You are a busy little bee and what a beautiful result. A girl after my own heart with freezing and saving the garden bounty. We didn't put in a garden this year due to travelling and not wanting to burden our house sitters with watering daily.
    I made some jams! Does that count?

    PS love that Fiesta ware and your photos of it.

  6. Hi Janet! You sure have been working hard! I love all of your beautiful canning jars, how wonderful to be able to enjoy all that wonderful produce this winter! My husband loves salsa and pico de gallo. I make a fresh bowl every week. I am so thankful I have a food processor now to chop up all the jalapenos! Have a wonderful weekend! With Love, Delisa :)


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