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Friday, April 27, 2012

Uses for a Mop

I think we need to get a new mop.
Ours has been taken over by a needy robin.

I think I will peek from behind, to see if anyone is watching

the coast is clear

I think I can...I think I can

Of to my nest, with supplies in mouth

My son told me the other day that the birds were using our mop for nesting supplies.
He was right!

Posted by Janet F.  Smart at Writing in the Blackberry Patch
©Janet F. Smart


  1. What a lovely post! Oh, to see the Robin trying to tug the mop made me smile!

  2. How cute! Smart little birds aren't they.

  3. This is precious!! Since we raise chickens, we see a lot of feathers in nests around here.

  4. You might as well bring out the scissors and cut the stirngs off the mop. You'll make a lot of birds happy. By the way, did you ever live in Alaska in 1970?

  5. Linda, I think I'll make them work for their building materials :o) and, no I have never lived in Alaska.

  6. What a lovely post and what a smart robin. Great pictures. :)

  7. How very clever of them! I love to see birds in our garden with bits of moss or other nesting material in their beaks, but twine from a mop.. :0)

  8. Hi Janet, you take such wonderful pictures of birds. I don't know how you manage to capture them at just the right moment. I really admire your pictures, they seem to fly off the moment I get my camera! I hope you have a lovely afternoon ahead. Delisa :)

  9. So sweet to watch them-espcially with a mop!

  10. Love those shots, Janet!!!


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