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Monday, September 5, 2011

Wind and Rain

We received wind and rain from the south yesterday.
It came upon our front porch (which is a rarity) whipping ferociously.
My husband was there and received a soaking before he was able to jump inside.

Our wind handed us a few surprises:

A beautifully crafted bird nest beneath our maple tree

Stray limbs beneath our sycamore tree

Broken pepper plants

and a bounty of pears on the ground beneath our pear tree

Now let's see - what could I do with these pears?

Pies, breads, pear butter or pear preserves - maybe.

Any ideas?


  1. Those pears look wonderful. I would probably can some up if they were mine.

  2. I do not care much for pears but I guess pear butter or pear preserves would be good. I see pepper jelly for sale a lot around here.

    Dan the Mountain Man
    Mountain Highs and Valley Lows

  3. Can you put them in cold storage and eat "a pear a day to keep the doc away." I am not a very creative person in the kitchen -- all meals have to very simple. but the food I eat needs to be organic and local and fresh if it is the season. I have never had pear pie but if I am ever your way I'll drop by for a piece. -- barbara

  4. Janet, I have just spent the morning canning pears, 7 quarts and 9 pints. I can them in a very light syrup (4 water/1 sugar). In the winter, I open them, put them in a shallow bowl, and sprinkle with pumpkin pie seasoning or just cinnamon, heat for 2 or 3 minutes in the microwave..delicious!!! It is a go-to dish when I need something else in a hurry.
    It's still raining here. :)

  5. The wind must had been really bad at your house Janet! It wasn't that bad here. We have gotten a lot of much needed rain. You have me wanting a pear tree in my yard now! You were lucky that you didn't have to pick the pears! lol

    Have a Great Day!

  6. Just got through canning pears.. The wind has been up high here today too. We're under a flash flood Watch until tomorrow. We're starting to get the heavy rain now..Sure do need it but I'm worried about my creek, may have to move to higher ground..Susie

  7. Oh you lucky friends!! We were sandwiched in between the cold front and the tropical weather and didn't get as much as a sprinkle! However, we did get cooler temperatures and wind.
    Pear preserves are my favorites!

  8. A fellow blogger in England is currently making some wine from his. No communications on results, though; I think they're still brewing.

  9. We've had high winds and lots of rain here in NW Florida today too.
    I just got through making pear butter a couple of days ago! My FIL made wine with some of his pears last summer.

  10. Hi Janet, wow look at those beautiful pears! I love pear butter, so I vote for pear butter! :) We had the same kind of storm today. The rain blew in hard over the woods, across the meadow and through the sun porch and lashed against the windows. That rarely happens! It sure did cool things down though, freshened the air and filled up the pond. Have a lovely evening ahead. Delisa ;)

  11. The pears look tasty. I don't have any suggestions to add beyond those already given.

  12. God shook your pear tree. Can you make pear wine? Our state is burning. We really need rain.

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  13. Oh, pear preserves. Definitely. Yum!

  14. We only had rain-no wind here. Hmmm how about pear preserves : )

  15. Glad you didn't have more damage. I'm envious of your pear tree.

  16. You did get more than a handful of surprizes. We have lots of pear here, but with never do anything with them other than eating them with our meals or as a snack with bun and bread.

  17. My mother loved pears. I sliced and canned them for her to eat during the winter.


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