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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Vintage Greeting Cards

I just love vintage greeting cards. The illustrations are so artistic and vivid.
I was at a yard sale earlier in the year and I couldn't help but pick up three boxes of old cards.
I especially love the baby ones. They are so cute!


The colors are so pretty.

This was a box of Slim Whims. They were mostly comical cards. I found information about them on the internet. They were in an ad in a Boys Life Magazine dated 1958. They were a fund raising item.

I liked them so much that I gave one to my girlfriend a few days ago for her birthday. 
She loved it.



  1. Lucky, lucky you, Janet, for running across those old cards. They are real treasures for sure. The more I read about your "finds" the more I'm tempted to stop at yard sales. Happy hunting!

  2. Other than handmade.. I LOVE vintage cards too! Their graphics are just awesome!!
    Good find!
    Deb :)

  3. I love vintage cards, too. You found some really nice ones.

  4. You find some fantastic things!! Do you display these items or just keep them in a drawer? I have a few vintage Christmas cards from my mother's things but never thought of them as being a collectible.

  5. These are surly keepsakes to treasure. I love old cards..Susie

  6. Wow! What a treasure to find those vintage greeting cards. They are so pretty. I love them. What a wonderful collectible. Thanks for sharing these beautiful cards with us.

  7. Hi Janet! Love the vintage cards! Wow, what a great collection. I have a few that I have picked up through the years along with a box my grandfather gave me. I also have been collection vintage dance cards. They are very hard to find, I have about 10. My oldest one goes back to the 1860's. I hope you have a fun saturday night! Delisa :)

  8. Janet -- Two things -- I so appreciate unusual greeting cards and two your blackberry header is beautiful. Back to cards. Nice that you sent a "real" (not electronic) card to your friend. -- barbara

  9. I like old cards and purchase almost all of my greeting cards at yard sales. I turn the ones with cute pictures and unusable holiday verses into post cards.

  10. Oh I love them-what a great find!!

  11. Those are cute!
    I have a friend who would love them.


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