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Monday, September 20, 2010

A Takin' It Easy, Sunday

We decided to take a few hours on Sunday and do nothing but take it easy.

We drove a few miles down the road to one of my favorite places. . . Cedar Lakes.

(No, this isn't us. But I just had to take this picture.
Looks like someone else wanted to take it easy on a Sunday afternoon, too.)

Here is looking through the covered bridge. You can see the old log house in the distance.

We went to feed the ducks. We stood on the foot bridge and dropped pieces of bread.

The geese soared above us. . .

and the ducks stared up at us.

The walnuts hung on the trees above us. . .

and the leaves are turning colors.

Such a pretty sight to end the day with, don't you agree?


  1. Just beautiful! Not many places prettier than Cedar Lakes. Thanks for sharing!
    Amy at Verde Farm

  2. Love the shots of the covered bridge...I had never seen one until I moved to Ohio.

  3. Taking it easy on Sunday is just my favorite thing to do. I love the pictures.

  4. Love your photos. And you right the leaves are beginning to turn just a bit here in Indiana.

  5. I really like your header pic and the covered bridge remind me of when I used to go to Vermont when I was younger (a lot younger)

    Whitetail Woods Blog / Blackpowder Shooting

  6. Yes, I do agree!
    It's a beautiful place.
    I have been there, but it was when I was a child.
    My Granddad used to camp there when he needed a break from Grandma. LOL

  7. Looks like the perfect thing for fall!


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