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Monday, August 16, 2010

More Milk Glass!

You know I love milk glass from my previous posts about my pieces that I have.

I recently acquired a new piece to add to my collection. I got this at a little flea market we have in Ripley. I spent $4 for it.

I love it! As you can see, it is supposed to be an electric hurricane lamp. Well, the electrical part is missing, but that's okay. I wanted to use it as a candle holder.

It looks so pretty with a candle lit in it.

I looked online and couldn't find another one just like it. I really like this lamp and it looks good with my other milk glass in my bedroom. Have you seen one like this before?


  1. No, I've never seen any like that! I have a bowl! 8-)
    So pretty! I'm a fan of depression glass....have the yellow...8-)

  2. That is beautiful Janet! I would have bought it too. I've not ever seen one like it. I just bought 2 milk glass lamps at a Thrift Store. I paid $2.50 each. I haven't put a bulb in them yet to see if they work. I need to do that!

    Have a Great Day!

  3. I saw one exactly like it not too long ago at a shop in Spencer, but I think this shape is not as common as the other type like the one I ued to have. Larry used mine in the chicken house once winter! So much for my lamp. At least the chickens were warm.

    Every time I see milk glass I think of you, Janet. You have a wonderful collection.

  4. No, I have one similar, but the bottom is different.
    And I, too, always think of you when I see milk glass.

  5. I like the bottom of this one, too, it is a little different than other ones I have seen.

  6. OMGosh, my mama had one just like this on the farm I grew up on as a little Ozark farm chicklett! It's beautiful and swarmed me with memories!

    God bless and have a terrific day sweetie!!!

  7. I have not seen one like this, but I do like it.

  8. What a pretty little lamp! I love the little handle to carry it with. It will be perfect for your candle!

  9. I have never seen a lamp like that before! But there are lots of little vases that are bumpy and white like that in our attic. They were here when we moved in, along with some old hymnals and family pics.

  10. I love your milk glass lamps! I am finding more and more things we have in common!


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