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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Traveling West Virginia - Covered Bridges

Along a country road

There are only 17 covered bridges left in West Virginia. You can go here and click on their names on the side of the page and see pictures of all 17 of them.

We are lucky, we have two in Jackson County. I have seen the one located at Cedar Lakes a gazillion times. Yesterday we took a trip to see this one out past Sandyville. I had never been to it before. It is easy to get to. Stay on Rt. 21 going out of Ripley. Go past Gilmore Elementary School just a little ways and you are there. Watch for a sign that says Sarvis Fork Road and turn down it. Go a little ways down that road and you can step back in time for a little while.

I am from days gone by
come through me and
step back in time

Why were they covered?
A romantic place to 'steal' a kiss. . .
A place of shelter for people and animals. . .
No, it was simply to protect the bridge from the elements of the weather.

Why were most painted red?
It made the bridge appear more like a barn
to skittish horses and cattle when crossing over the flowing water.

It is sad that so few of these are left.

Before you turn off at Sarvis Fork Road there is a Mail Pouch Tobacco barn on the left of Rt. 21 that is in need of repair.

We missed the turn off and I am glad we did. On down the road where we turned around is another Mail Pouch Tobacco Barn, and it is so pretty. . . I had to take a picture of it, too.

Hope you enjoyed Traveling West Virginia and coming with me back in time.

Are there any covered bridges in the county or state where you live?


  1. I just LOVE covered bridges!!! Reminds me of the movie "the bridges of Madison county" which I loved:D

  2. Hey Janet!

    I love the old covered bridges too! Thanks for the link that will let me know where they are all located. I've seen the one in Milton many times but I've never taken a picture of it. I wish they would had left it where it was. They took it down, rebuilt it at another location and then moved it to where it is now. They spent a lot of money fixing it up and now they are letting it run down. The last time I seen it I just shook my head. It is a shame. They didn't do it right in my opinion.

  3. Who doesn't love a covered bridge? They are so beautiful and intriguing. There are still a few left here in KY.

  4. We have several covered bridges in Michigan - and a few are not far from where we live. They are beautiful, and its a shame that there aren't more of them. Guess it costs too much to restore them....

  5. We have a couple tucked away here in the Ozark hills but not as long as those. Great pics!

    Ya have yourself a terrific Thursday girl! :o)

  6. I love looking at the pictures of all those bridges! We don't have many of them here.

    Hope you're having a good week!

  7. When I see a covered bridge I am reminded of a horse and carriage. My late husband's family is from Cabell County (originally) near Milton, and I looked up the covered bridge there.

  8. I don't think I've ever seen a covered bridge in person.
    But I would like to go on a search for them. I wonder if there are any in SC?

  9. I don't think I've ever seen a covered bridge in person.
    But I would like to go on a search for them. I wonder if there are any in SC?

  10. Love covered bridges. One we had near here-recently fell. I don't think they'll put it back either.

  11. I think the one near Milton is the only one I've seen. I was recently in Jackson county to go to the fair.


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