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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cold Potatoes! Free Pumpkins! Nuts for Squirrels!

We went to the garden today and dug up some cold potatoes! We usually leave the potatoes in the ground as long a s we can, but try to get them out before the ground gets too cold and freezes them. Last year we lost a few because they were too close to the surface and froze. Thankfully our cold nights and mornings we've had lately hasn't hurt them yet.

After digging potatoes, we went to Kroger's. We were greeted by this sign outside the store.

Well you know me, if it's free, I'll take a few. If you enlarge the picture, you will notice it says "Free to a good home," I thought that was cute. I took three big ones and put them in the car before going in to do some shopping. I'm glad I got them before going inside, because when we came back out they were all gone! Someone else had the same idea as I did. In my opinion pumpkins can be used for outside decoration until Thanksgiving.

Before leaving Ripley, we stopped at Farmer's Feed and got 5 lbs of raw peanuts for the squirrels. They were $1 a pound, and we didn't think that was too bad of a deal. Now if I can just catch them in the act, I'll take some pictures to share with you.

I was good, though, and when we stopped at Fruth Pharmacy to get milk, I never bought any of the 90% off Halloween items. Nor, did I purchase any of the 75% off Fall items.

A person has to draw the line somewhere.

Have you got any good deals lately?


  1. Looks like you got some GREAT deals! You sure can't beat FREE, LOL;)

  2. That was great Janet that the pumpkins were free...pumpkin pies...I went to Big Lots And bought two halloween flags at half price,it was the big ones,I have two flag poles up so I will be able to use them for next year..I love a good deal don't you..take care ...

  3. I'm sure the squirrels appreciated the nuts. That sounds like something I would have done.

  4. Nope...if there is a good deal out'll find it...and you can't beat free. We buy peanuts for the squirrels too, but I don't think they're that cheap.

  5. Wow, you lucked out on those pumpkins. i'd have loaded up on them and canned them. We use alot of pumpkin around here.

    My granny used to keep her potatoes and cabbage outside all winter long. She'd have a large hold dug and layer straw and potatoes & cabbage in it. They never froze either. She'd leave the root ends of the cabbage heads sticking up and would pull them up out of the hole. It was quite a sight! I wonder if there was something else to storing her potatoes and cabbage this way than what i remember. i'll have to ask around.

    I didn't get too much of a deal this year at the after Halloween sales. walmart was picked clean and target was only 30% off! Now that's not a deal! I reckon I'll live though, it's not like i needed all those extra calories, but I do like to stock up on about 50 lbs of candy for deer season!

    If I had found raw peanut for $1/lb, I'd of got me some to boil. Ain't nothing like a pot of boiled peanuts on a cold day! Hard to find REAL raw peanuts though, at least it is for me. Mom always grows some in container pots for me. And, chicken and peanut pot pie! Oh mu oh my! Sounds weird but it is an olde recipe that is delicious. It is said to have originated in Jamestown. All I know is that it is darn good, but typically you find it in older towns with southern sympathies. Give it a try! And invite me up for supper!!!lol. Now, i'm going to have to go out and find me some raw peanuts. I shant rest until I get me some peanuts a-boilin' and some Chicken & Peanut Pot Pie a-bakin' in the oven.

    Hope all is well with you. Loved the book you are in, especially loved your story. Read it to my mom over the phone, she liked it too.

    I'll shut up now, i've rambled on long enough.


  6. Wow, it sounds like my kind of day!!

  7. Free pumpkins? Wow. They were like $6 I think. They were looking a little sad when I saw them Tuesday night.

    My internet is still down so I am behind on reading blogs. Maybe tonight it will be fixed. Keeping my fingers crossed! But lots of laundry is getting done.

  8. I don't think anyone can find the deals you do Janet : ) I did get some free pumpkins one time-down near Gainsville GA.

  9. Nice looking potatoes!
    I would have grabbed a couple of those pumpkins, too. They can always be made into pies and breads and such. Not to mention roasted pumpkin seeds.
    Hopefully the squirrels with thank you for the peanuts by posing for a picture or two.


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