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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Halloween Blast From the Past

Halloween 1983

Im 1983 I entered a contest conducted by Kahn's. The prize was fixins' for a Halloween party.
I had forgotten all about it when one day the mailman stopped at my house and delivered a package. When I saw the return address was Kahn's, a smile came to my face. I never expected to win and this was a surprise.

What I won, to the best of my memory, were free coupons for a bunch of Kahn's hotdogs, a Halloween tablecloth, Halloween cups and plates, streamers and a Halloween 'pin the nose on the pumpkin' game. There may have been coupons for other things as well, but my memory leaves me at the moment.

We had a party that was attended by my sons' grandparents, my sister and her daughter (and a friend of her daughter's), and Charley's sister and her 2 boys.

We had a ball! I made clown costumes for my boys. We also had in attendance a vampire, a dog, a gypsy and maybe a dancer (I can't remember for sure what Terri Ann's friend came dressed as), but she looks like she could have been a dancer.

Some people don't get into Halloween, and that's all right. But as you can tell by the faces on these kids they had a great time dressing up and playing games, and I don't see anything wrong with that. I had a smile on my face, too.

For this game, they split into two teams and saw who could fill the little glasses up with Reese's Pieces first. They had to run across the room with their little plastic spoons filled with the candy and empty them into the glass. Below are Daniel (the dog) and my oldest son Charley (the clown) seeing how fast they can fill up the containers.

My youngest son (Andrew) had fun with the bowl of Reese's Pieces. He must have been the official stirrer-upper. This is my son who is the wood worker of our family. I've posted here on his craftsmanship before.

I apologize for the quality of the pictures. My scanner wasn't working, so I took pictures of my pictures, and they didn't turn out very good.

Hope you enjoyed my Blast From the Past Halloween post.


  1. Janet that was so sweet! I miss Halloween with my kids! They always planned for weeks what they would wear! :)

  2. That was a nice blast Janet...I love Halloween to..we are having a costume party at our house this year..I am looking so forward to it,and all the goodies we will be fixing...take care lady....

  3. Such fun! And mostly free too!
    I love Halloween parties.

  4. Well, Jan, I'm glad you didn't have a pic of me in that. Terri's friend was her cousin, Tammie. I had forgotten about that party...I will have to have Terri take a look at that post. You have a good memory...I'm afraid mine is about gone.

  5. I love this post! It just has the feel of childhood all about it. So you won the Hahn's hotdog contest! Wow, that must have been a big deal, i'm guessing that was a national contest. I can only imagine your surprise when your package showed up at the door.

    I glad to see all of those photo's of your sons on Halloween. If there's one thing I wish, it is that my mom would have taken pics of us at Halloween when we were kids. But nobody ever thought to preserve the moment since we were living it at the time. I'm sure one day, they will treasure those memories and photo's.


    ps...I know you have no control over this but I have to mention it...I just got the weirdest word verification that I have to type in order to post this comment. It is the word "deathie". lol. Now that is freaky with all the spooks and ghouls in your post!

  6. Janet-I loved seeing your blast from the past. Such cute halloween pics from days gone by.


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