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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Treasure Hunting

Summer is the time for yard sales. Some people call it junking, I call it treasure hunting!

I haven't went treasure hunting as much this summer as I usually do, because I'm trying to cut down. A person only has so much room for treasures before the rooms start to overflow. And my rooms are now overflowing.

I have bought lots of books at yard sales. Old books, new books, writing books and children's books. I love books!

Here is something that kinda falls into the category of books. It is a Princess Diana Paper Doll book. None of the dolls or clothing have been punched out, it is intact and dated 1985. I paid 25 cents for it. I came home and just out of curiosity I went to the Kovel site and saw where they listed it as being worth $80. Now finding someone who will pay that much for it is another thing. But I couldn't believe that when I saw it.

You all know I love milk glass. I posted my collection of it a while back. Well I found this hobnail 72oz pitcher for $2 and I couldn't pass it up. I love it. It was made my Anchorglass.

Here are some bowls I've purchased this summer at yard sales. I love bowls! I have quite a few of the bowls like the one on the left. I have them in different colors and I use them all the time to put veggies in at the kitchen table. I really love them. The two light pink ribbed bowls are small mixing bowls without their lids, they were made by Anchor Hocking. I don't know anything about the little peach colored bowl, but I thought it was very pretty and I think it is old, too. I paid 25 cents each for all of these.

Here is an autumn leaf stacking bowl (I think people call these jewel tea). It is without a lid, but I love the pretty autumn leaves and I only paid 50 cents for it. Two old salt and pepper shakers to add to my collection, a green wood handled fork, a wood handled crinkle cutter and the pretty thing on the right is a yellow flowered vintage hat to add to my collection of old hats.

And here are a couple pieces of what they call "poor man's silver". They are aluminum. I'm not sure what the one on the left is called but the other one is a handled candy dish. I have a lot of these hammered aluminum "pieces" and will post about them in the future.

In addition to all these things my husband bought 20 shirts at a yard sale over the weekend! I tried very nicely to talk him out of all of them, but to no avail. They were very good quality shirts, though, but I just don't know where he's going to hang them all. We don't have a walk in closet!

I have also bought more vintage aprons and vintage tablecloths this summer. Oh, and I got an enamelware baking pan with lid this weekend also.

What have you all been buying this summer? Any treasures you want to tell me about?


  1. I have a silver dish with a handle, I just bought a few wks. ago at a thrift store, just like yours. I didn't know it was called "poor man's silver". I also have too many "treasures". My grandsons recently told me that I spend all my money on "junk" answer to me telling them I didn't have money for them, for their "junk"..candy, pop and chips..oh well, each to their own "JUNK"

  2. Hey Janet!

    You sure hit the jackpot this weekend! I've not been so lucky as you. I'm lucky to get to go in an antique store every once in a while. The prices in those stores are through the roof so I've only bought about 3 things this year all under $3.

    I have been seeing a lot of milk glass on different blogs. When I see it in the antique stores it is so expensive that I can't believe it!


  3. Nice finds! I love treasure hunting... aka ... junking!!!

  4. I have sworn off angels and owls....
    no more room for them. I usually buy for the grandkids. This weekend I found a really nice high chair for Lily....I also got a couple of Thanksgiving know how I love fall decorations.

  5. Wow! you did find some treasures. I love the Jewel T find and the Milk glass. These things are great!

  6. Wow Janet-you racked up! I love to go to yardsales too. This summer-I've found a really neat wooden owl for a quarter-and the girls some really nice skirts for contra dancing. You just can't beat the prices :)

  7. Janet, I'm so impressed! We don't go to yard sales except for the one where I found the stool and trunk. BUT...when we went to visit the chickens, we saw ALL the treasure they had gotten at yard sales. So we have set aside Fridays for junking now. I'll post on how we do!

  8. I haven't been treasure hunting much this year, but my Mother-in-law goes all the time. She gets some really good deals.
    We are having a yard sale this weekend, to get rid of some of our treasures. And make room for others.

  9. I love to go junking, as you know. My time for it is limited and like you my space is getting limited too. What to do? It's hard to pass up a good deal. You got some great finds, Janet.

  10. Hey Janet-me again. I wanted to give you this link: it's for a giveaway for hunters-I was thinking your son was a hunter-maybe I'm right. It ends the 17th.


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